United Nations Data Breach Leaks Passwords and Other Data

The US seems to be able to join the list of pirated companies and organizations. Violating UN data, passwords and other confidential data leaked through the Internet. L; # 39; intercept).

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UN data violation

It turned out that misconfigured applications such as Trello, Jira, Google Docs were used. Security researcher Kushagra Pathak discovered this violation about 1 month ago, L; # 39; intercept Mr. Pathak says that he discovered this violation using Google search and released Trello's public page.

Some Trello cards have links to Jira pages, issue tracking applications, Google Docs, some of which have clear text passwords. Mr. Pathak is an expert on the public Trello card, so it is not uncommon to find such things.

After reading the information presented, the spokesman Florencia Soto Nino-Martinez, L; # 39; intercept:

Some of the maps on the list have weaknesses in communication media, others have old information. However, we check all the forums in the list so that we do not share passwords or user names through this support. We take security very seriously, share the content using a third party platform, and communicate the risks involved in taking precautions to prevent important content from being disclosed to all staff I have contacted you to do.

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