Unity, a prosperous game engine, loses Chief Financial Officer – News

Last week, Unity Technologies, a high-value startup behind the most popular game development tools, lost Chief Financial Officer Mike Foley last week, Business Insider said (paid).

The company's spokeswoman said, "A friendly and mutual decision between the parties," confirmed the withdrawal of the CFO.

In a statement, Mr. Foley said, "We look forward to Unity's success with a strong management team."

John Ricciello, CEO, earlier this week confirmed that Unity raised more than $ 600 million in the north with a valuation of more than $ 3 billion. In an interview with Disrupt SF 2018, Riccitiello told the news that the company's game engine platform will be half of the new game.

In April, Riccitiello told Cheddar's publication that the company was in a "general orbit" for the IPO. "We have not announced the schedule, but financially it is powerful enough to be released now."

Although the company is not the only third-party game engine tool available to developers, Unity is well received by independent developers due to the integration scale and ease of deployment of various game platforms. The game engine company was founded 14 years ago from the title of the failed video game, but it began to grow rapidly, especially in the past two years …

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Unity, a prosperous game engine, loses Chief Financial Officer - News

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