Upcoming Technology Trends On How To Advance Your Working Process

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The ever growing need to facilitate efficient working both remotely and in the office has led to technological developments.

Today, there are plenty of tools and apps that can be used to increase productivity, facilitate remote working and increase accountability among workers. If you are in charge of a team, all you need is to have a few of the best tools with you to deliver unmatched results. Working as a team brings many challenges.

You need to coordinate each member ensuring that every part of the process is done on time and in the right way. With upcoming technologies, such challenges do not have to bother you anymore. You can relax and monitor every step of the work being done even when you are on vacation. Some of the upcoming technologies that facilitate the working process include:     

Social Media 

Social media has advanced the work environment to a whole new level. From personal businesses to corporate entities, it is paramount to use social media.

Social media messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram are taking over the corporate communication space. You can easily make calls, send messages or post communications in groups. A simple Facebook group will help team members communicate on all matters concerning the project at hand.

You can also use the SnapChat GM streak to keep your colleagues on their toes. This will motivate them to wake up early and report to work.    

Working Messengers

There are plenty of apps such as Slack that can facilitate easy communications. These apps allow you to create groups of workers where you set targets and work in coordination. The group members work independently but they need each other to complete the task. Different parties bring their input to the table through coordinated communication to facilitate quick completion of the task.     

Use Diverse Time Management Apps 

Don’t be fooled by the clock, a day only has as many hours as you can put to use. This is a common quote from Mother Teresa and is one that every business person must value.

Time management is not a subject to joke about. In business, every minute counts and the more minutes you use the more productive you are. There are plenty of time management apps that can help you organize your day, however not all apps are worth your time.

Use an app that offers advanced features such as task scheduling, deadline reminders, work time calculation and so on. Many apps can tell you how many hours are required to facilitate production in order to make a profit. Aim for such apps and utilize their features appropriately. A miscalculation by seconds can cost you money in millions. Some of the best time management apps available include Toggl, Dropbox, Evernote, and Focus Booster among others.    

Morning Calls 

The productivity of your team depends on how well the day starts. Routine morning calls are now a management strategy used all over the world. Even if your team members work remotely, a routine morning call will force them to wake up early and prepare for work. Routine calls serve the purpose of keeping workers on their toes and enhancing communication. The morning call should be used to set targets for the day and assign roles.   

Analyze Competitors   

To succeed in the corporate world today, you need to know what your competitors are doing. There are many apps that can help you monitor what your competitors are up to. There are many apps that help you track your competitor’s social media and other interesting personal details. Such an app is phone number software. You can find out any information on any leading manager and use it to your advantage. The app is also very effective for finding leads. You can easily grow your business by tracking personal emails and phone numbers through such apps. It is the best phone lookup tool you can use to track leading professionals in your field.


You should use many tools to achieve success in the team working process. There are a lot of opportunities in the modern world, so it is better to use them than to ignore. Hope, my advice will help you with your business. 

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