US spares Apple and Fitbit from new China tariffs

In the latest tariff measures on Chinese products, the US will protect consumer equipment from Apple and other consumers, the senior official said in the final vote of the technical department.

At the beginning of this year, protesting protests from engineers, the final list of taxable equipment described by the staff avoided many consumer names and products.

It will enter into force at the 10% level on September 24th and it will reach 25% by the end of the year.

Technologies behind smart devices and devices that use Bluetooth wireless communication, Apple's AirPod and other smartphone-enabled products are excluded from the new price list.

With the last $ 50 billion tariff, the trump regime withdrew the flat panel TV proposal from the final list in June.

The new list will rescue a fit-fit fitness tracker that said that tariffs would endanger their own investment in the US with letters to the regulatory authorities.

Despite these changes, as part of the expansion of trade disputes between the two largest economies in the world, new tariffs will further cover about $ 200 billion of Chinese products.

Apple said US tariffs will affect the price of a wide range of Apple products, including Apple products, in a letter about the administration's proposal earlier this month.

"The concerns of US tariffs are the most damaging to the US, the US's growth rate and competitiveness will decline and the price of rice consumers will rise." .

"Pricing increases the cost of business in the U.S., diverts resources and puts Apple at a disadvantage compared to foreign competitors" In general, prices are higher than the US consumer price rise, Resulting in overall economic growth. And the tariff will ultimately reduce the economic benefits that we will create for the US. "

In response, the President of the United States Take me to Twitter Confrontation with Cupertino.

"Apple's price may rise due to the huge tariff levying on China, but there is a simple solution with zero tax and tax incentives." Make products in the US instead of China. Plants are now … exciting! #MAGA, "…

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