Vahdam Teas raises $ 2.5 M to grow tea business business in the United States.

Vahdam Teas, an Indian based e-commerce startup, opens up a supply chain that sells fresh tea online and has invested $ 2.5 million in Series B to grow in the US and international markets.

Ride is an existing investor Fireside Ventures A venture capital company focused on consumer brands. As a result, there is a $ 1.4 million series A tour announced at the end of 2017. Vahdam became an investor of $ 5 million over two years. Vahdam contains a source with knowledge of negotiable equivalent of $ 25 million. Vahdam refused to discuss his evaluation when asked.

Vahdam founder and CEO, Bala Sarda, One 26 – year – old young man in the tea industry said the company was able to raise more funds, but the goal is to earn money. I feel sorry. There is clearly a demand. Tea box, Startup, which launched a digital distribution model for the sale of tea, has raised nearly 15 million dollars so far.

"We chose to procure patients and intelligent capital to those who know the industry," Sarda says. "We can not yet make a profit, but we will not spend a lot of money.

He admitted that next year, if the company sees good growth opportunities suitable for it, there is the possibility of trying to raise more funds. He is expecting to break the company even during this period.

Founder and CEO of Vahdam Teas, Bala Sarda

By retiring, people such as Teabox, Vahdam, etc. are trying to rethink how to pick up and buy tea by drastically shortening picking and consumption time.

In traditional business circles, this process is like 9 to 12 months, as the product is stored in the warehouse and the supply chain takes time. Currently, the new standard relates to the newly preserved tea that can be returned from the planting in just 10 days depending on the harvest time. This is due to the temperature controlled storage and efficiency of e-commerce. For consumers, these digital tea cellars not only provide cool tea, but also easy way to buy, …

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Vahdam Teas raises $ 2.5 M to grow tea business business in the United States.

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