Top 5 Best Video Cameras Under $200

When it comes to shopping for video cameras, it can get a bit messy because there are not only so many different shapes and sizes, but also price points. Today we continue to provide our readers with more budget-specific ratings and in our case today a number of Best Video Cameras Under $200. It took quite some time to ensure that the models we collected were even worth the effort to look at, and in the end, we are happy with what we have been able to collect. But first, let’s first look at some insight before we start choosing the ‘best’ for you.

Here are the Top 5 Best Video Cameras Under $200

Canon VIXIA HF R600

For starters, the Canon Vixia HF R600 is one of our top choices as the best video cameras under $200, and this brings us a reliable small compact build in the traditional camcorder look and feel. This camera has some simple but useful features that make it easy to use and is a great option for both advanced videographers and amateurs with a tight budget. Some of the main features of the HF R600 are the variety of optical zoom lenses, removable SD card, and 1920 × 1080 high-definition finish. It is also known for its no less than 57x zoom counter that lets you get close to those long distance photos you might be looking for.

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Reviews and the general consensus on this camera are great and many people have recommended it for semi-professional and personal use. With these features and users who rate the camera high to give us confidence, this camera is one of the best video cameras under 200 dollars. Not to mention this high resolution, stunning zoom, and sleek and compact build to offer us versatility when recording our video clips.

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Kodak PIXPRO FZ201

Next, to the list, we have the Kodak Pixpro FZ201. The FZ201 is available in a more traditional and ‘DSLR-like’ version and offers a wide range of different options for lovers of video and images. Although slightly larger than others, it is still relatively small and compact to fit into handheld bags and makes it easy for any adventurous person to take pictures or videos in an instant. There are many features that make it one of the best video cameras under 200 dollars.

Some notable features of this camera are a 20x optical zoom lens, a 3-inch lens and 720p HD video capabilities, 25 mm wide-angle lens (not interchangeable), 16 Megapixels in case you also like photos and a handy optical lens. Image stabilization unit to help you focus. The price range of this camera is in the higher range, but you will still not be able to transfer your budget. The simplicity of the FZ201 is what differentiates the camera from the other cameras in this list, making it one of the best video cameras under $200.

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Kodak Zi6

The Kodak Zi6 introduces us in a different shape and size that can be perfect for your journey or when you want to use a video camera on the go. It has a slim and slim design and differs from most modern recording equipment. Considered a ‘pocket camera’ (which we have not seen much in recent years), the Zi6 records high-definition video at 720p (60 fps with a 16: 9 aspect ratio) and makes it easy to upload videos to your computer for some post-production with its built-in USB drive.

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It also includes cables to connect your HDTV for a better viewing platform. You have a nice 2.4-inch viewfinder in color for easy navigation and display of your clips on the fly, and it uses an expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32 GB. The battery is rechargeable (both batteries and charger are in the box), so beware of long trips without an outlet. Online use has rated this camera very well and is highly rated as one of the best video cameras under $200.

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The Akaso EK7000 camera is similar to the modern GoPro – or shall we say, almost an exact design? Considered an action camera, the small version is great if you love action sports, adventure clips or open-air events. It can easily be attached to many different objects, such as helmets, cars, steering and handheld sticks (the package comes with a large number of accessories and mounts so you can get started right away). What is probably most striking here is that it records in 4K ultra HD and has a 12-megapixel camera for photos that make it one of the best video cameras under 200 dollars.

It also comes with a wireless wrist remote control, so you can start recording or take photos while on the go. Like the others, the EK7000 comes with the built-in WiFi – you can connect to the internet in seconds and upload your video directly to YouTube or edit the video with a phone app. Reviews on this camera were high and recommended by users who bought this model despite the brand name. The price range on this camera is not too high and lower than that of most of the cameras on the list while we are busy. In general, this is one of the best video cameras under $200 if you wanted some action recordings in your repertoire.

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JVC has always been the budget-friendly camera company and that was no different when they came out with the JVC Picsio GC-FM1A. This camera has a simple design and looks more like a telephone-like shape. Although it is the cheapest camera on the list, it still has a lot of built-in technology to work with. The records in 1440 x 1080p HD have a two-inch LED monitor and an 8-megapixel camera in case you want to take photos. If you want to keep your budget low and still want to grab a rather versatile video camera in terms of size, this would be the best choice.

However, it lacks some important features. It does not come with a flash and to upload photos, you have to insert the SD card into your computer to upload images and videos. Reviews on the camera were decent and compared not so well with the Kodak Zi6, which shares a similar design, although it is much cheaper, so you get what you pay for. All in all, it’s still one of the best video cameras under $200, but it’s for a reason at the bottom of the list.

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The Best Video Cameras Under $200 are a bit limiting (compared to perhaps less than $500 video cameras). We will always recommend DSLR cameras for video because their lenses are interchangeable and offer the best quality; however, there are not many who get $200 or less, and others may be, but the lenses can start to cost you. Others also find that they are a bit too big when they are traveling or prefer to keep their camera more stable. Our list of best video cameras under 200 dollars will surely help you to pick the best video camera as per your needs and budget.

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