Vikings: War of Clans Review


Vikings: War of Clans set at the time of the Vikings, where the gamer takes the role of Jarl of a Viking town. Build a castle and train your troops to conquer your foes, join a clan and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Now, it’s up to you to take the challenge of managing your village, leading your warriors on raids, and becoming a jail worthy of song! You will start with just a single ruined village under your control. As you improve it and train your troops and warriors, they will become harder and capable of supporting it from your rivals — or attacking them and seizing plunder as any proper Viking should!

About the Game

vikings war of clans review

Vikings: War of Clans was launched on Google Play and the iOS App Store on August 10, 2015, and on Amazon Appstore on December 10, 2015. We checked out the PC version of Vikings: War of Clans launched on October 19, 2016, the latest strategy MMO from Plarium. The developers behind Nords: Heroes of the North, Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Sparta: War of Empires,  and much more.

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The game is a free to play that offers a traditional resource group strategy where players need to build up their castle form an army and battle against the AI and other players. The graphics are attractive decent, and if anything Plarium knows how to make a good-looking game, from general tech artwork, the user interface to the bustling clan castle with full animations, it’s helpful to not look at a static screen. It does bring your city to life as you watch it progress. It is exciting and fun to look over and see all the little characters doing their tasks.


vikings war of clans review

The concept of the game is fascinating, and you need to do all your buildings and wars with a strategy you made. Otherwise, you can not succeed in the game. In the browser version of the game, there is a good quest tracker which will help you to improve your buildings. While you improve your buildings, you can do some quests outside and gather some resources. Resources are the key for you, and you will need to keep upgrading your buildings for a better gameplay in the future. When you are building your army, you can check strength and cost of every unit. You can also make your attack strategy with checking stats of your warriors in the game. The music of the game is excellent. Vikings: War of Clans is a mobile device game, but you will also find a desktop game graphics and audio in the game which will make the game amazing for you.


  • Graphics are very nice for a web-based game.
  • It is free to play.
  • This is an excellent War Strategy game.
  • The game is very related to its concept, and you will find lots of things about Vikings and their cultures in the game.
  • We love music of the game.
  • Graphics on an android game is also excellent.
  • One of the things we don’t like in such game is
  • You can create a real game account for yourself without paying.
  • There are multiple language options in the game.


  • The only cons we’ve noticed in the game is that the movement of heroes is limited with the energy.


The game also includes an element usually found in hard-core strategy games- researching new technologies to improve troops. This seems a bit too much in the context of this game. The interest of the hero and the use of beer as currency, make this game more relaxed than the standard mid-core game and having technology research breaks the narrative.

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