Ways to protect your business reputation on social media

Social media has for a while been gaining traction for personal use but now has stretched out to the business world. With features like the sharedcount adequately provided for online, businesses have also seen the importance of being on social media.

While there is so much to praise social media for, there are so many things that could go wrong hurting the reputation of an individual, sometime could cost that business owner his/her entire brand.

Seemingly technology has a solution to almost everything nowadays. There are a couple of ways you can protect the reputation of your business on social media, and here are some you should consider:

Differentiate your personal profiles from your business profiles

There is a very thin line between audience engagement and personal relationship building on social media. Many businesses will fall into the trap of creating joint profiles to stand in for both the business and the personal profiles.

While you might decide to keep things strictly professional, it can compromise your position when you have to address some matters personally outside of the business’s dealings.

Select different profile pictures and descriptions for the different accounts. You can like, follow, share and retweet the content of your business profile through your personal one maintaining a professional distance between the two, but do not merge them together.

Be wise on handling controversial content

Even at determining a clear line between personal and professional relations on social media, controversy is bound to strike at a certain point.

Ideally, stay away from controversial matters as much as possible. People are always waiting to trap brand in controversial matters and use their words against them. If the controversial matter does not at all involve your brand, set a blind eye to it.

It is however different when the controversy directly involves your brand. Depending on what your business stands for, be firm on taking a consistent stand on matters. Let your brand be known for a particular culture which will sway you through controversial matters. Remember to pick a side that does not compromise the position of your brand because controversies tend to show up later in life.

Correctly handle feedback

Audience feedback is highly encouraged on social media as it rightfully should. Nonetheless, not all feedback received is positive. Social media allows for free expression, and this means being thoroughly honest about how people feel, which is why you should also expect negative feedback.

How you generally handle feedback is critical to the reputation of your business. Ignoring some negativity can hold up for a while, but it will not take too long before it comes up again.

Choose to rationally respond to all feedback, especially the negative, because you need your audience more than they need you. Remember that the internet never forgets. Respond by addressing the underlying concerns with a clear explanation, but stay away from social media fights.

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