WebKit exploit can crash Macs and iOS devices

Security researchers may discover vulnerabilities in Safari and crash your Apple device. This vulnerability exists in the WebKit engine, which is used to render pages on Apple web browser.

According to Sabri Haddouche, based in Berlin who discovered this problem, there is a possibility that a crash may be caused by linking a person to a page containing a CSS line of code. This increases the processing effect called background filter, the device crashes and restarts.

This vulnerability requires a modified version of a vulnerability including Javascript, but it seems that it is no longer a problem with macOS. In the macOS version, Safari will restart immediately after forcibly restarting. This allows you to trigger a crash on the second (third and fourth … hour).

Apple is in this case

Fortunately, it seems Apple is. I will talk to you. ZDNetHadouche said that Cupertino was informed of this flaw.

"I contacted you using the security product e-mail," says Haddouche. "They received the problem and confirmed that they were under investigation.

Apple devices are less vulnerable to security than others, but researchers still can detect floods of vulnerability. Often, these problems can cause the device to overload and crash. In most cases, security researchers will discover this vulnerability and let Apple know that it is possible to fix it. In some cases, people with disabilities identify obstacles and attempt to use them for malicious purposes.

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