Wendys faces lawsuit for unlawfully collecting employee fingerprints

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In Illinois state class action suits against Wendy 's fast – food chain and accuses that it infringes state laws on how to store and handle employee' s fingerprints.

The lawsuit was filed in the county court of Cook County on September 11, according to a copy of the complaint acquired by ZDNet,

The complaint focuses on Wendy's practice of using a biometric clock that scans when employee's fingerprints arrive at work, when they leave, when using POS (point-of-sale) systems and checkout systems It is.

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Plaintiffs represented by Wendy's former employees Martinique Owens and Amelia Garcia claim that Wendy 's violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Specifically, the lawsuit claims Wendy. # 39; In response to BIPA's request, fingerprints will not be gathered and will not inform employees in writing the specific purpose and duration being stored and used. Employee who first agreed to acquire and operate fingerprints.

Plaintiffs also pointed out that Wendy 's does not provide an open schedule and guidelines for permanently destroying employee fingerprints after retirement.

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"There is a big advantage in using biometric watches at work, but unlike key chains and ID cards, employees can be changed or exchanged," the complainant says. This exposes employees to serious and irreversible privacy risks.

Class action suits are also known as Discovery NCR Corporation, a software provider that provides cash registers used by Wendy biometric clock, access point system, restaurants. The petitioner stated that NCR believes it can hold fingerprint information of other Wendy employees.

In litigation NCR was not accidentally named. The law of BIPA was promulgated in 2008 after a huge privacy scandal in Illinois, for a similar provider.

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