What are Cyber Essentials and How Do Your Secure A Company Data?

The Government of UK has developed a special procedure to protect and secure information from external threats that result in the hacking of data via the internet. For this, simple setup was developed with the collaboration of British Standards Institution (BSI), Information Security Forum (ISF) and the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises Consortium (IASME).

The UK Government also provided scheme related to Cyber Essentials with the approved accreditation body CREST which help its member to provide special services and inform them how to protect your data from Cyber-attack. With the rise of social media, it is necessary to secure information from unauthorized access.

Cyber Essentials was launched in 2014 to secure information with the help of firewalls, user access control, patch management, secure configuration, and malware protection. It also provides accreditation procedure at low cost.

Whether you run an organization, industry, website or blog, it is necessary to secure sensitive information from the attack of internet hackers. Here are few methods how a certified company can secure your data.

  1.  Wireless devices

Wireless devices are considered to be in scope if they can interconnect with other wireless devices through the Internet. It is considered to be not in scope if its information is secure and it is probably difficult for the hacker to attack sensitive information. Cyber Essentials scheme is also concerned with attacks on wireless devices.

People may look for free WiFi in public places, but it can be very dangerous for information security. Refrain from using unprotected or unencrypted WiFi network through which activity can be seen online. Always make sure that the WiFi you are using is password protected.

  1. Security software

Cyber essentials include the security software that must be up to date. It is common practice to ignore notifications from your computer, but it may risk an attack by internet hacker or loss of information. Cost effective software prevents you from long terms security issues.

  1. Firewalls

Firewalls provide a safe network for desktop computers; routers, servers and laptops.

As we know that devices help to connect and communicate with other devices to provide service and collect information. Firewalls help to restrict such connection and exposure to hackers.

Cyber-attacks are restricted by ‘firewall rule’ which can block or allow specific information. A host-based firewall is a device which helps to protect from a single device.

  1. Passwords

Storing login information in the browser is extremely dangerous for your data or personal computers which is also a common practice by the users. Although it is easy for the user to enter the information once and is remembered by the browser afterward make sure that you never save your passwords. To remember passwords keep them at a safe place.

Instead of using weak or fair password, create a strong password that is different from passwords you’ve not used on other sites.

  1. Secure configuration

Default configurations are not always safe in fact are vulnerable to an attack by the cyber hackers. While installing an application, unauthorized access should be disallowed.

It is important to secure not only your sensitive information but your company or business information as well. To ensure whether your business is protected against cyber attackers, you should make sure that it is certified with ISAME or Cyber essentials scheme.

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