What has changed with AppleCare+ for iPhone XS or Apple and why you should consider coverage

What is AppleCare +?

Most iPhone owners know what AppleCare + is and how it works. For those who do not have AppleCare +, if you do not purchase AppleCare in advance, you can significantly reduce Apple's repair costs in case of an accident.

In the case of exle, if cracks or accidental damage to Apple's screen occurs, its repair cost is $ 299, which is about 75% of the value of the device. With AppleCare +, two cases of accidental damage are covered, only paying 69 dollars instead of $ 299 each.

Now, you may think that there is no way to damage your Apple, but people always have mobile devices repaired by Apple.

Suppose you have LTE's Apple Series 4 stainless steel. The price of repair is only 69 dollars for AppleCare +, the price outside the warranty is 399 dollars to repair.

If you own the Hermes version, the price of AppleCare + will increase by $ 20, which is meaningful since it starts at $ 1,399.

Although Apple offers a one-year limited warranty, it covers only manufacturer defects and does not include accidental damage. If the screen breaks, you will have no more luck and have to pay the full amount of repair.

With each of the two accidents predicted by Apple's plan there is a crack in the screen repair of iPhone XS Max of $ 329 without AppleCare + of $ 29, the same on the iPhone.

You may get an after sales display for $ 30 and you may think it will look like a new one. We assume that quality is zero and it is easy to decipher after this type of repair.

Back glass and personal lesson

The real value of AppleCare + for the new iPhone is in the rear window. This is considered Apple's "further damage". If you break the back window of iPhone XS Max, if you do not have AppleCare +, Apple will cost $ 599 for repair, over half of it will be $ 99.

In the worst case, it is almost impossible to repair yourself without hurting your cell phone.

As a person accidentally breaking the back window of my iPhone 8 Plus without having an AppleCare + cover, I can confirm that it might be expensive.

In T – Mobile 's Jump on Demand Plan, it is necessary to be in a good condition to replace the iPhone with a new device. I obviously have not paid $ 400 to undo it.

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