What Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google believe about themselves can explain a lot

"Apple is a small business and there is not as much resources as Microsoft."

I had people working at Apple who tell me with absolute sincerity. People who have worked at Apple for many years, especially those of Steve Jobs. A small business rides the Matterhorn, I usually answer. But I think Apple is a small business that may die any time.

In terms of the number of engineers, Apple has limitations on the number of Cupertino offices. Despite the fact that the new space ship is in operation, Apple has practically not closed other offices in the area as it is necessary. There are a limited number of engineers that Apple can physically find, not hire remote workers, and with almost no place in Cupertino (apart from the silicon design done in Austin). If you are in all cities, you must be a small business. After all, depending on the traffic, in a few minutes you can go to someone (most) in the business.

But behind the internal self-image is the imminent experience of death when Microsoft invested only 150 million dollars. Apple went bankrupt for weeks. If it can happen once, in the long term a small voice in the employee's head may happen again.

You may continue to ask why there are no features that you need to actually use on your product, and you may hear Jobs' familiar words or phrases. Shipping is a function. You do not have enough engineers to get all the features, you can add engineers in version 2 and version 3, so please take out the product before actually exiting. There is an old Microsoft approach. The third version usually has everything you need for the first version.

In addition, Apple considers everyone's information not to aggregate for better machine learning, but focuses on privacy, and regards it as a weak person who is still moving in a different direction and the internal story of SMEs is I can not escape. No matter how much money Apple earns.

Facebook employees honestly believe they will connect it and help society. For the past two years many of Facebook was born out of the founder's rudeness about the absolutely predictable results of tying people from a broad perspective from state of the art to technology. .

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