What notch? Apple finds way to hide controversial iPhone ‘feature’

The default wallpaper of the new iPhone XS model is definitely beautiful. But it is obviously not the reason Apple picked it. It is no coincidence that the black area of ​​the image is perfectly arranged to hide the screen cut.

Apple does not deny the two most expensive iPhone notches in 2018, but certainly it is trying to minimize it.

Last year 's iPhone X was the first consumer phone to cut off the screen, and it was thought that there was room for debate when this model was announced. However, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone turned out to be the world's most popular smartphone.

In the months after X debut, nearly all Apple competitors announced models with their own screen cutouts. This continues until we feel that we have to limit the number of Android devices available to Google.

iPhone XS notch is still there

Despite being widely accepted, Apple is clearly felt the need to hide the notches of iPhone XS and XS Max delicately. Image from where you camouflage a black screen cutout on a black background.

He is always in the picture. Apple does not do deceptive things. It is hard to see. And the iPhone XS notch is also seen in a handful of official images. It is not the most important thing.

The same thing is not a cheap iPhone XR case. His wallpaper does not try to hide the notch. Conspiracy theorists may suggest that this is intended to deliberately point people to more expensive devices. appear I have a notch

The notch of iPhone XS is hidden, but the notch of iPhone XR is not hidden.
Photo: Apple

By the way, the wallpaper image of iPhone XS looks like a planet, but in fact it is a closeup image of soap bubbles.

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