What the Surge in Apple Popularity Says About Our Culture

Apple series 4 seems to have turned into a new cultural theme. And it will accelerate. The 4 series pre-order is better than expected. Here is the meaning.

Apple Series 4

Apple Series 4 with new faces and complications

When Apple was released in 2015, it was regarded as a new generation of smart. The first Apple ad tended to show a wide range of possible activities with Apple. It was a real feature set. The marketing approach was to show how Apple can differentiate to stimulate customers' appetite. Third party applications were considered important. But, at the same time, Apple probably did not have a clear idea that it would be a favorite function, that is, to be on the spot. It is an important element of Apple.

This is changing now.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Apple is now a smart guardian of the galaxy ]

Cultural pressure

Our current culture is full of pressure that seems to be accelerating. This may affect the way people perceive Apple.

1. Pirates. It is no more than a day without warning about the infringement of the majority of personal information registered by internet companies.

2. Attack on the device. Each new operating system update comes with a myriad of patches designed to withstand imagination trials fully penetrating the device. This is certainly a new way of living for Eclat compared to twenty years ago.

3. Antisocial media. Today, everyone has their own voice. Everyone. The most angry people make the most news. It is difficult to find a sense of social peace.

Four. An angry planet. Our Earth is about to make adjustments. The average temperature exposed to western forest fires rises while Arctic ice melts Now extra liquid water causes widespread flooding. The planet leaves its pastoral past in a more obvious form.

Five. The threat of AI. AI in the hands of high-tech leaders will not go on a daily basis without fear of how to deceive, foolish, manipulate us, forcing us. There are few optimistic forecasts.

As a whole, even unconscious, it can give people a burden.

Apple Protection Set

Security expert Rich Mogull believes iOS is the most secure mobile operating system there. Still, we must be very cautious. Applications that are inadvertently downloaded in capricious and insufficiently controlled may also threaten our privacy.

Apple is ahead of the iPhone. First of all, use and maintenance is easy. There is no tedious backup. (It will be saved on our iPhone.) Security snafus is rarer than iPhone.

Hope you like the news What the Surge in Apple Popularity Says About Our Culture. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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