What will happen to the patent war in the block chain? – News

Block chains are probably the best known technology in the past five years. Technologies that can create untrusted shared registries promise to bring transparency and integrity to business by interrupting and distributing trusted third party dependent functions. Promises and possibilities are about the same size as the hype.

Initially, several applications were already started on the block chain. The first is Bitcoin encryption encryption protocol. Bitcoin is just an account on the block chain. More recently, Smart Contract implementation allows you to count many new financial concepts on a chain of blocks by sharing code across block chains and running with unconditional results.

This produced an ICO which is an event in which tokens are sold to fund block chain projects where chips are used for something. With this financial innovation, the way funds were raised by start-ups in 2016, 2017 and 2018 has changed, and in 2018 more than $ 18 billion was spent on block chain start-ups.

What is all this related to the patent war?

all. In parallel with the hype of block chains, the number of patent applications is …

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What will happen to the patent war in the block chain? - News

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