What you need for your hurricane emergency kit is as follows

According to the US Hurricane Center, Hurricane Florence is preparing to hit the east coast of the United States with a "very dangerous large hurricane." Florence is expected to cause a 13 feet high, heavy rain, floods, and possibly a storm surge to a tornado. People are evacuating Carolina and the coastal part of Virginia state, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warns that there is a possibility that power will be shut down for several weeks. Buzzfeed News Report. In such an emergency, we recommend that you prepare storage bags that can be used immediately.

FEMA recommends storing emergency supplies for you, loved ones, pets for about 3 days. These emergency kits must be ready before the hurricane attacks. In case you need to evacuate, you can grab them quickly. Also, please make sure that the fuel tank is perfect and it is ready for all evacuation instructions.

To clarify, there are far more ways to prepare for disasters than to pack appropriate gadgets. FEMA explains how to prepare hurricanes for families and families, such as bringing loose objects and furniture to the interior. It is also advisable to set evacuation routes in advance and contact each other if the telephone line runs out. (Do not delay evacuation, do not be at risk of fatigue or obedience, your life is more important.)

There is an excellent complete packing list for your internet survival kit (see box). We have summarized several things:


You need to save enough water to last at least 3 days …

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What you need for your hurricane emergency kit is as follows

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