WhatsApp Gets Optimized For New iPhones In Latest Update

The iOS version of WhatsApp has been updated to take full advantage of the superior resolution of the iPhone XS Max.

With the denser pixel screen of XS Max, WhatsApp can now display more screen content and adapt to the 6.5-inch screen size. Apps that are not optimized for XS Max resolution 2688 × 1242 simply use the metrics of the iPhone X and XS, which means that they can not display as much content as they can. They would not change this resolution.

The difference is not that big, but it's good to see that more and more apps make the most of the denser XS Max pixel display.

WhatsApp's latest update also optimizes the application for the iPhone XR, which has the same logical resolution as the XS Max, but at a lower density.

Another new feature of the latest WhatsApp update is the streaming of voice messages. For example, if you receive multiple voicemail messages in a row, they will play one after the other without you having to press "Play."

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