WhatsApp status feature is bringing back – for the sake of users!

WhatsApp status feature – So finally we have got the Status feature back after a useless update WhatsApp rolled out and becoming a Snapchat copycat which is called the “Stories” feature. The old and gold status system are coming back, and we can’t be any more excited!

So, Repercussions from the users have finally caused WhatsApp to bring back the Text Status feature. The old text status feature which was available before was removed from the cross-platform in mid-February all of a sudden. WhatsApp instead added a Snapchat Stories clone which met with mixed responses just like Facebook and Instagram did before. However, finally, the text statuses will now roll out to all the Android users and will come soon to iPhones as well. According to a report from the TechCrunch, WhatsApp has confirmed to revive the ‘About Status’ for its users. Previously, the About Status feature allowed the users to set a text Status that other people in their contact list could view either while opening the contact entry or starting a chat thread. Hell Yeah!

“We heard from many our users that people missed the ability to place a determined text-only update in their profile; therefore we’ve blended this feature into  ‘About’ section in the profile settings. Momentarily, the update will appear next to the profile names anytime you view contacts, such as when creating each new chat or looking at the Group info. At the same time, we’re continuing to build upon the new Status highlight that gives the people fun and engaging opinions to share photos, GIFs, and videos with their friends and family during their day,” WhatsApp explained to TechCrunch.

However, the company won’t wipe out the Snapchat clone feature from the app that was introduced last month. The feature adds stories similar to Instagram or Snapchat where a user could post pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Surprisingly, this addition couldn’t gain much popularity, unlike the Snapchat-style Status stories. Also, check out WhatsApp DP for some amazing DP collection!

We are happy that WhatsApp has taken this decision of finally bringing back the old and one of the most loved features of WhatsApp and Also, you guys let us know what you think of this new judgment by the Messaging company! We’re here to listen to you.

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