Why Apple Not Remove ‘Infowars’ App From App Store

Apple decided to download the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Infowars app on the iOS App Store the same day and leave podcast content removed from other digital platforms such as iTunes and podcasts.

Apple explained the situation to BuzzFeed News in a statement and Jones podcasts violated iTunes policy on harassment, but claimed that the "Infowars Official" app did not violate the App Store review rules .

"If the App Store respects different opinions, observes our clear guidelines and guarantees that the App Store is a safe market for everyone, we strongly support all opinions expressed in the App Store. "We continue to monitor applications for breach of guidelines and if we find content that violates our guidelines and harm users, we will delete applications from the store as before .

This statement indicates that Apple carefully watches the Infowars application, which could be deleted from the App Store if the content of the App Store is contrary to the company's standards.

Apple's Sunday hit five of Jones's iTunes and six podcasts in the podcast. This podcast obviously caused similar actions on Facebook and YouTube. Confusingly, Apple acknowledges that Infowars Official, which provides streaming access to the same content as that deleted from iTunes, will remain on the mobile application market.

According to a report released Tuesday, Jones podcast content is consensus with Apple CEO Tim Cook and software and Internet service vice president Eddy Cue
Weekend problem.

according to BuzzFeed newsSince podcast episodes constitute a permanent record, Apple shows concrete evidence of malicious behavior in Infowars' podcast. Applications, on the other hand, serve as gateways for streaming video content delivered by the Infowars website. This leaves Apple a small window that commits a small crime.

With Apple's removal of the five Infowars podcasts, new applications in the "News" category ranked third from the 47th in just two days, so it seems that new iOS applications on the site have received new attention .

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