Why do cloud companies go crazy with a $ 10 billion JEDI deal in Pentagon –

To this day I have heard of a huge $ 10 billion cloud defense contract called the Pentagon Joint Integrated Defense Infrastructure (JEDI).
In addition to the Star Wars reference literature, this agreement is also huge according to government standards. The Pentagon hopes to develop a business cloud that is justified or wrongly thinks that a cloud provider is the best way to maintain a cloud strategy.

According to spokesman for the Department of Defense (DOD), Heather Bab, the department is showing a lot of movement in that direction. "The unique contract offers advantages such as improving security, improving data accessibility and simplifying the department's ability to use and use cloud services.

A company that implements this contract is to integrate part of the old infrastructure into the modernization of the IT infrastructure and the force for IoT, artificial intelligence, large world of data analysis. "The DOD Cloud Initiative is part of a much greater effort to modernize the department's IT business, the basis of which is to optimize the number of networks, data centers and clouds at that time.


Those who win the contract from the Ministry of Defense can go a step further than other similar government projects. After all, it is not easy to spend time with the army safely and reliably, and if the company can demonstrate that there is capacity on this point, that agreement can be overcome.

However, as Babb explains, it is really the decision about the cloud in the long term. The JEDI cloud is an exploratory way to learn the most important first steps to enable DOD to implement a business cloud computing solution and make data-driven decisions and get the most out of applications and functions. It is an effort. From the dice.

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Why do cloud companies go crazy with a $ 10 billion JEDI deal in Pentagon -

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