Why is Hurricane Florence so intense for the northern storm?

The Philippine hurricane swirls from the east coast of the United States, reaching 140 miles per hour. Evacuation is planned forcibly in communities along the coast from South Carolina State to Virginia State CNN.

The National Hurricane Center reported that "Florence should be a huge large-scale hurricane until Thursday," the latest information was reported at 17:00. "Says Marshall Shepherd, former president of the American Meteorological Society, Director of Atmospheric Science Program at the University of Georgia.

According to Shepherd, hot water supplies the power of hurricane, sea surface temperature usually decreases as you move on the map. But this will not happen in Florence. I am planning to stall Mr Shepherd explains that there is a lot of rain in the center of the Atlantic coast such as Carolinas and Hurricane Harvey of Houston.

"This is another example of a storm that storms the hurricane and Cat 4 storm gusts, followed by a stall period where significant rainfall occurs," he says. "This is two very strange things of Arashi." It is not the only storm that is currently affecting the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Isaac, weak hurricane, weakened should weaken.

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Why is Hurricane Florence so intense for the northern storm?

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