Why is not Apple hastening to sell iPhone 5G to you

Almost all major players in the wireless industry are struggling to match their property with 5G. Verizon plans to launch the 5G Wireless Home Broadband service next month. Sprint and LG want to release the first smartphone using next generation technology.

Apple is not sensitive to hype.

It is a safe bet that a major consumer electronics company announcing three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch on Wednesday refuses to put 5 G on the next iPhone. It is still questionable whether cell technology will appear on the iPhone by 2020.

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Apple is waiting to incorporate it into products using emerging technologies. By adopting mobile payment and wireless charge, we are lagging behind the correspondence of Android, and the generation generation of mobile phones 3G and 4G LTE has reached at least generation. Most industry analysts anticipate the same gap as 5G even if technology is approaching reality.

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Why is not Apple hastening to sell iPhone 5G to you

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