Why Marketing Judges the Book by It’s Cover

“Leadership and quality comes from within, it is the tone and quality of your heart that really matters” – Robert (Dusty) Staub.

While Dusty’s quote is without a doubt true on a universal level, it’s not necessarily a main factor in the world of marketing. Good marketers can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. And some marketers will follow through just to get a sell. Marketing is paramount in the promotion of a brand. However, good ethics and good marketing skills will definitely scale most honourably.

Unfortunately, there are lots of junk products out there with excellent marketing. Just go to Party City. A store full of junk, made in China, that breaks as soon as you take it home. The Magic Wiggly Fuzzy Worm for example. The package illustrates a worm dancing, making you believe that you’re going to buy an awesome dancing worm. Does it dance? Nope, but the company just capitalised on fuzz and wire with your $1.79.

With that said, marketing skills is the frosting design on the cake and the cake is your product and here’s why.

Image Stimulation

Modern culture is glorified by zealous pop art. Vibrant colors, high resolution graphics and special effects create an electric world in media. Without these captivating images, potential clients will get distracted easily. Even the most humble product can be imaged with modern taste.

90% of what the brain processes is from visuals. Visual content is essential in the marketing stimulation process. The graphics, pixels and dimensions from a Facebook cover page to the photos on a website, all play an important role of brand image.

Stock image sources such as Getty Images, Shutterstock and Canva are great resources to have for high quality images.

Going beyond the photo includes, audio, video, meme and interactive games. All of which require high quality graphics for optimal user retention. When going for crisp visual content, spare no expense, but do so very wisely.

Social Media Presence

Both potential and loyal clients tend to look to social media to get an update on product and service. Most modern businesses thrive by using social media as tools for marketing purposes. The messages, news and images are important in keeping and retaining interest in your brand. Be sure to have all pertinent information updated and accurate, e.g. operation hours, location and any new items/services.

All it takes is one search on Facebook to look up a business. The more enticing the page, including profile and cover photo, the more likely clients will trust in your brand.  

A brand’s online presence is the first impression in the world of digital consumerism. Social profiles should be clear on mission statements and all design should reflect the mission of the brand.

UX and Web Design

While social media is a great place for a brand to make a first impression, another important factor in leaving a good impression is through web design and user experience. If a website is lacking, than visitors will steer into another direction and there is no hesitation. Your goal as a brand is to do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

Web design and UX both deal with color, menu options and images your website debuts. As mentioned above, humans retain mostly from visuals, therefore it’s a grand idea to include videos that explain what your brand does.

Easy to follow content is also important so that the average lay person can understand what your brand’s mission is.

On another note, a website may be designed perfectly but if the user experience is complicated than that’s a no no. Web design and UX go together like chicken and waffles. Alone they are great but together they are a match made in heaven.

Real and Relevant Reviews

Ok, so now your first impressions are all in order and the potential is extremely interested but- they want to know what people think about their investment with your brand. Their next stop is looking for reviews. Reviews are important for anyone looking to buy, invest or do business with any entity. It’s just good due diligence.

Without any reviews, your brand will remain in an abyss of mystery. Having reviews will shed light on a interested consumer’s conscience decision. Some companies are known for writing up pseudo reviews. Tisk tisk. Do not go down that rabbit hole. Seek genuine positive reviews, even if it is from a family member, just be sure it’s real and relevant.

The Upshot

While it will always remain that quality lies from within and the truly wise don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this is business we are talking about. Business can be pretty savage. So be sure to have your ducks in a row when creating or maintaining a brand.

From the cover of your Facebook page to user experience on your website, your brand image is judged. Not only by potential consumers but marketing professionals alike.

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