Wireless headphones improved faster than any other technology

IFA 2018 is a real pleasure to you if you are in the market of a new wireless headset. On the other hand, if you purchase a pair right now, well … it will be a misery reading. In Berlin's IFA this year, headphone manufacturers have made the wireless audio market far more exciting a few days ago. Let's consider each new change sequentially.

USB-C is a new charging standard

Everyone who follows my writing, I know that this change is delayed. The majority of smartphones and laptops are charged via USB – C, but there is nothing more than this. New headphones and wireless headphones I met at IFA have a USB-C charging port. Whatever market data everyone is watching, the investment in USB-C is worth it, and the industry responded quickly by flooding USB-equipped headphones in the hall of Berlin Messe. C.

Sony 1000X M3.
James Bareham / The Verge 's photos

Sony's new M3 1000X switches to USB-C charging this year, and despairing heads remain for previous generation friends. The lack of a USB-C charging port was one of the reasons why I did not award the previous 1000 times the highest …

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Wireless headphones improved faster than any other technology

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