With bionic mouse, robots fulfill ultimate destiny: Playthings for cats

Dogs are very similar to human life, so one of the scientists thinks they could tame. But a cat? The current relaxation wall is still a little. Cats are heart hunters. And the hunter must hunt.

Fortunately, technology has answer. List the achievements of engineering training for several years, which is a combination of advanced sensor advances and the latest AI algorithm: robot mouse sneaks into your house and avoids the Tigger.

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This robot called Mousr, designed by Petronics founder, is the result of the successful Kickstarter project launched by three doctoral students (cat lovers) gathered at Urbana-Chaign at the University of Illinois.

Since then, the startup has offered a pre-order of $ 200,000, but this month a beautiful head liner headed for the Amazon. Equipped with a time-of-flight sensor, it is set for standalone and remote control mode, but this is not an old Twitter bird on your rope.

The rise of a home automation robot company founded by three engineers is dominated by more and more brands as robot companies that have raised large amounts of funds (Geebo is raising more than $ 70 million) and more brands. Home automation led by Amazon and Google.

However, the initial success of Petronics is not surprising. The company has successfully avoided the fact that most residential robotics companies are working consistently and consistently. Innovative hardware, unless you solve specific problems for specific customers,

In addition to Amazon's echoes, household robots are penetrating the market. These are amazing engineering works, but no one seems to want them. This is probably because echo works well without wheels. It is also cheap. Pioneer's family robot Kuri costs about 700 dollars.

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Petronics focuses on unresolved issues specialized on huge potential customer base (there are 36 million households in the United States), so it will be different according to the idea of ​​the only successful robot company iRobot We are considering solutions.

Mousr is actually …

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