Woman immortalized by 5-foot iPhone headstone in Russia

A rare tombstone in Russian cemetery was discovered in the form of a huge iPhone, a 5-foot popular smartphone was replenished and a picture of the dead was shown on the screen.

The image of the iPhone giant emerged on Wednesday after commenting on the strange monument to the local media, mirror. The stone iPhone built earlier this year is commemorating the death of Rita Chameba (25 years old) who died in January 2016 for an unknown reason.

The iPhone measures a height of 5 feet, it is made of basalt rock and displays the image of the dead on the screen. The stone itself is fairly detailed, with home buttons, headphones, volume and sleep buttons, rear camera, Apple logo on the back, all drawn in a black stone structure with white highlights.

I felt a fantasy, how do you suddenly appear in our graveyard of an American smartphone? Local people, strange designs and rare designs attracted the attention of other cemetery people.

As an avid traveler, besides having friends in Germany, little detail about life has been reported. It is no doubt that Shameeva had passion for smartphones and self portrait photography, but while photos use other brands of smartphones, she is unlikely to be particularly fans of Apple.

It is not known who produced the tombstone, but now there is a belief that it is entrusted to a Siberian company that produces props of death.

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