Woman in Apple Park #039;Mission: Impossible#039; video took the long way around

According to the company's designer, a woman who brought a clicker to CEO Tim Cook with an introduction video of the iPhone event on September 12 took a particularly long detour via Apple Park.

She departed from the vicinity of the south entrance of the main ring, but while the woman seems to be heading northwest, relatively close to the Steve Jobs Theater, Edward Sanchez It will be noted On Twitter. Even after crossing the pond in the right direction, she unnecessarily drained Mac Caffe before putting herself in the right path.

"For Apple Park it must be new – here we will be following a similar path in the first week," Sanchez commented.

This detour was probably meant to show Apple Park, which was still incomplete at last year's iPhone event, and in February it became the official address of the company. Complex was developed several years ago, but part of the design concept was from former CEO Steve Jobs.

The facility houses approximately 12,000 workers and has various features such as a huge curved glass panel, a solar panel on the roof, a motorized floor in front of the cafeteria and a ceiling door. . Steve Jobs Theater is built underground and can be accessed via stairway and colourcleri seen in yesterday's video.

With this event, Apple has released iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR and Apple Series 4. Introduction video explains Twitter deleted after Cook, which was originally interpreted as a bad message.

At least she ran through like Tom Cruise.

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