Working Apple-1 sells to mystery buyer for $375,000

In 1976, 200 Apple-1 computers produced by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were auctioned at $ 375,000.

The computer is considered to be just one of 15 models of Apple-1. The auction was held Tuesday at Boston, Massachusetts. The buyer was an "anonymous businessman" who made his offer online.

"It's a wonderful work – it works!" Bobby Livingston, RR auction.

This computer came with Apple Cassette interface, ASCII keyboard, Sanyo 4205 video monitor, and original manual.

The identity of the seller and the identity of the buyer remained silent. The seller would have bought the computer at less than half the price of $ 666.66 paid in 1976 at $ 300. And they tried to sell it to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at $ 10,000.

Short lesson Apple-1 hi

Apple-1 is Apple's first computer. It was released at the top of Apple II one year ago. Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, worked on Apple 1 as a hobby as an ambition rather than showing it to the people at the local Homebrew Computer Club where he attended.

It is Steve Jobs who convinced Woz that it should sell computers. He approached Paul Terrell, the owner of a nearby Byte Shop, one of the first personal computer shops. Jobs sold Terrell and bought 50 Apple-1 computers for $ 500 each. Later Terrell won the computer for $ 666.66. This is about $ 2,800 today.

In recent years, several Apple-1 computers were auctioned. The maximum amount was $ 905,000 in 2014, but Apple 's interest in memories reached the climax after the death of Steve Jobs.

Source: BBC

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