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Xiaomi Mi 6 has recognized those mentioned above as the highest smartphone industrialist in the inside a small time. By get somebody ready its mouthpieces with unresolved mechanisms and geographies, the company has to turn out to be a resilient contender in the worldwide smartphone market. The Xiaomi Mi 6, is again an insanely good value when compared to other products out on the market. We’re talking about a Snapdragon 835 processor, with 6GB of RAM, waterproofing, metal unibody, and a dual-camera set-up identical to the one found on the iPhone 7 Plus, all for a price of $2499 or $2899 yuan depending on storage options (about US$360 or $420).

I really liked the Mi 5 last year, and the Mi 6 is a significant step up on every front. Whereas the mostly-glass Mi 5 felt almost too light in the hand–to the point that it felt almost hollow–the Mi 6 has that premium hefty (in a good way) metal phone feel you get from handling an iPhone. Xiaomi’s also done away with the clicky home button of last year in favor of a touch home button/fingerprint reader that’s a recessed slot on the bottom bezel — sort of like the Huawei Mate 9 Pro’s set-up.

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