YC grad The Lobby raises $ 1.2 Million to help job seekers break into Wall Street –

Six months after completing Y Combinator's 12-week acceleration program, The Lobby announced an investment of $ 1.2 million.

Startup ties job seekers to Wall Street bankers, venture capitalists and other "insiders" in finance, personalizing professional advice and coaching. Founder and former investment banker Mr. Diepak Chugani wants to support those who do not have an elite background and people with a network of Ivy League alumni hold important positions in finance.

"There are a lot of people who have noticed," Chaugani said. " The best opportunities are usually reserved for people of these rich networks. "

Chhugani at Bentley University who started his career at Merrill Lynch believes he was able to enter Wall Street because he had pierced the Latin American mergers and acquisitions group. He grew up in Ecuador.

I am fortunate to have other friends in the Ivy League other than him who is employed by him and venture capital or private equity Wall Street or who is not hired. Many people of similar origin could succeed perfectly, but opportunities to navigate the financial employment market were not the same.

" lobby create That True capacity principle to tell ourselves That Mr. Maireles, a social capital flash investor, personally invests in a roundtable with Y Combinator, Ataria Ventures, 37 Angels, former Travelocity CEO Carl Sparks. Columbia Business School Innovation Manager, Angela Lee.

Using The Lobby, job seekers can contact a specialist on a 30-minute anonymous phone and modify mock interviews and resume. Insiders paid by The Lobby's customers can convey honest truth about things like working in finance like the real world. .

Mr. Chhugani says that we can not promise anything to the founder's customer about its name, but we can promise to come to them.

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YC grad The Lobby raises $ 1.2 Million to help job seekers break into Wall Street -

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