You don’t need an app to NFC tags with iPhone XS or XR

One of the features not mentioned in this week's iPhone event is that with the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR models you can scan NFC tags without running the application. Background.

In other words, using NFC tags in museums, retail stores and other places makes them easier to use. Also, at least iPhone users can easily access. There is no need to launch an application that places iPhone in NFC mode, just browse compatible tags. It's easy, right?

On Apple's Web page, Apple says:

"On iPhones that support background tags, the application parses and searches for NFC data without having to scan the tags.If the iPhone is locked, the system will not display label data before application Ask the user to unlock the phone.

Background tags are designed to only work if the user's iPhone is used to avoid unintended tags. If the device is not locked, the device will not be locked if the basic NFC is in session, Apple Pay Wallet is in use, camera is in use, or airplane mode is enabled.

However, the background may not be available. This includes when an NFC core session is in progress, when the Apple Pay Wallet is in use, when the camera is in use, or when the airplane mode is enabled.

This feature is also used on Android devices for a while, but it is a smart feature for the iPhone. This probably will not change the game, but it certainly is an added bonus that everyone who gets up early to order a new iPhone model can expect it.

Source: apple

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