Zen Planner Member App: Review And Features

Description of Zen Planner Member App Review

Stay connected to your gym from anywhere with the Zen Planner app!

Use the Zen Planner app to:
– Watch your gym, school or studio calendar
– Reserve your place in class or join a waiting list
– Display the class details and bios of the teacher
– See who else comes to your favorite class
– Add and manage your saved credit cards
– View details about your membership access
– Update your profile and viewing options
– See and manage your upcoming reservations
– Go to several gyms? Log in to one of all your Zen Planner accounts
– Workout tracking: Watch a workout, log results, review your gym's leaderboard, or rate others' results
– use your "account balance" to pay for items (you can now keep money in your account for later use)

Note: Your gym, school, or studio must use Zen Planner and you must log in with your valid membership information. Do you need help with our app? Contact support@zenplanner.com

Your gym does not use a Zen planner? Tell your business owner to check it.

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