Zyxel MWR102 travel router Review

Zyxel MWR102- Introduction

The ZyXEL MWR102 is the best travel companion for anyone who needs fast, easy wi-fi internet access on the go. It designed with a portable form factor that easily fits into a pocket, a laptop case, or the palm of your hand, it’s the perfect way to bring a wi-fi connection with you whether in the office or on the road. The MWR102 combines a miniature router and wi-fi access point to create the perfect way to share high-speed wi-fi internet access in conference rooms, hotel rooms, or anywhere a wired broadband connection is available.

Zyxel MWR102- Setup

Setting up a safe wireless connection couldn’t be simpler. Each MWR102 router ships with a different default SSID and encryption enabled by default. I set up router mode following the instructions, and the process was really simple. Firstly, you set the side toggle switch to Router. Now power the device up and connect an Internet and connected Ethernet cable to the WAN port. An SSID is preconfigured and once the WAN and WLAN’s LED’s light is green, you can connect a wireless consumer to the router’s SSID. That’s all there’s to the router mode setup.

You’d set the device in AP mode if there’s already a router in place on the network. You’d connect to an Ethernet cable from a present router’s LAN port to the MWR102’s WAN port. The AP setup is not quite as automatic as the router mode setup and needs a bit more technical know-how. You have to make a wired connection between the PC and MWR102’s LAN port and a and then match the PC’s IP address information to that of the MWR102.

Zyxel MWR102- Performance

A single-band 150 Mbps isn’t going to give the same performance as a more burly, Dual-band home router, but the ZyXel MWR102 clocked the fastest speeds we have tested in a travel router averaging a decent 65 Mbps testing 15 ft away from the device in the 2.4GHz 802.11n-only mode with 40 MHz channel width.

Big things from a small package

The MWR102 does not sacrifice performance in favor of its portability. 2.4GHz wireless technology allows 11n data transfer rates of up to 150Mbps through yet remaining compatible with older 11b/g devices.

Advanced Security Features

In advanced security features, the ZyXel MWR102 supports WPA, WPA2, and WEP encryption. It also comes equipped with firewall features like NAT, VPN pass-through, and SPI to stop attacks from the internet.

Zyxel MWR102- Conclusion

ZyXEL MWR102 is the best travel companion for anyone who needs fast, easy wireless internet access on the go. Several ultra-portable devices like tablets, PDAs, handheld game consoles and even some laptops no longer accept a lined connection, limiting their functionality in locations without wireless access. The MWR102 combines a miniature router and wireless access point to create the proper way to share high-speed wireless internet access in hotel rooms, conference rooms, or any place a wired broadband connection is available. Enjoy superior wireless performance anywhere with the MWR102.

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