5 Best VoIP Apps for Android

by Jones David

This article will discuss the 5 best VoIP apps for Android available in the market. It will help you to compare apps based on their features and capabilities so that you know which app will work best for you.

Best VoIP Apps for Android

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PortSIP is a SIP-based softphone app for Android. It enables users to make and receive calls, as well as providing an inbuilt instant messenger service. The app also makes use of push notifications that can work even in the case of the app breaking down, or if it has been ‘force terminated’ (something that occasionally happens when you are using mobile apps).


Linphone is a free app that offers a secured, VoIP experience. This is a smaller app in terms of its capabilities in comparison to other providers, but this is apparently what allows it to continue to be free.

Furthermore, Linphone users can use this app on pretty much any desktop or mobile device, taking advantage of its HD audio and video call capabilities, as well as its file and picture sharing, and its video conferencing feature.


Sipdroid is a free SIP/VoIP client for Android. This app essentially reroutes calls from your phone’s in-built contacts directly to VoIP. By editing the settings, you can choose which calls use VoIP, and which calls use your mobile phone network provider.

This app also enables its users the access to ‘VideoSMS’ – which allows users to send video messages in high definition, instantly (please note, this is via an additional free app that users must download to use).

In addition, the service allows users to create PBX accounts that are linked to any Google Voice accounts that the user might already have.


Zoiper prides itself on simplicity, and therefore, its layout and general aesthetic are easy-to-use and very understandable – which is perfect for beginners who might not be as familiar with android VoIP apps.

Zoiper offers high-end audio quality, together with no adverts. It’s ideal for any type of client – be it for personal reasons or business. Moreover, Zoiper is also a free IAX and SIP softphone app that enables its clients to perform VoIP calls via Wi-Fi or their network data.


An honorable mention the Freezvon.com is an IP-telephony provider that offers a range of different products and services to its users, including virtual phone numbers, multichannel numbers, Virtual IP PBX services for business, numbers for receiving SMS and fax messages, and much more.

Freezvon offers an extensive range of features in terms of VoIP services, enabling its users to make cheap VoIP calls via SIP, from anywhere in the world, and without restrictions.

For instance, its virtual IP PBX for business enables companies to use a communications package that contains a range of different VoIP phone features, which can reinvent your office’s telephone system, and without the need for the installation of any equipment.

Elsewhere, Freezvon offers additional services such as call recording, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu feature, conditional call forwarding, and more!

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