Some of the top devices that work well for both business and pleasure

by Jones David

When you’re in the market for a new laptop, mobile, or similar, it can be hard knowing how to choose between practicality and features you like. As technology continues to increase and top quality products command hefty price tags, investing in products that are suited for both business and pleasure is a savvy way to enjoy the best of both worlds. In this article, we take a suitable for your personal and professional requirements.


Laptops have some pretty stiff competition these days. As mobile devices get more powerful, users prefer to do the majority of their surfing via mobile. Of course, laptops are still needed for word processing, running software, and executing other functions, but they need to be fast.

The Dell XPS 15 was named the best laptop of the year in 2020 and described as “as perfect as a laptop can get.” Its design, speed, style, and battery life have all been praised and have seen it sit at the top of many “best” lists. In terms of versatility, it is suited to both personal and professional uses. Its speed and processing power means it can be used for video and image editing, while its screen and ability to be configured with a GPU means it is excellent for gaming as well.


No one wants to buy two sets of headphones – one for using during work Zoom meetings and conference calls- and listening to music on. Instead, consumers look for one that is equally suited to both business and pleasure. Factors to consider include an inbuilt microphone, noise-canceling, adjustable bass/treble to suit voice and music, Bluetooth/wireless capabilities, and long battery life.

One of the best multipurpose headsets on the market is the Plantronics Voyager 4220. A wireless desktop headset has an excellent microphone that picks up your voice and little else, as well as comfy headphones. Furthermore, it’s at a great mid-range price point.


Mobile phones are no longer just about making and receiving phone calls. They are used for email, social media, other forms of electronic communication, banking, shopping, trading, and even some word processing and design tasks.

Simply put, there’s little you can’t do from your mobile these days. Taking trading as our example, if you’re using one of the online platforms to trade on your phone, you want a device that allows you to enjoy features like up-to-date news and analysis and educational guides. For this, you will need a large, clear screen and excellent battery life. Without these, your trading and general online experience could be rather lackluster. 

When you are trading forex, a delay of even a couple of moments caused by screen lag or a dead battery can change your fortunes. In terms of battery life and speed (also important), the Samsung Galaxy A20 did well with almost 14 hours of juice. While it wasn’t the most powerful of all the market devices, it offers excellent battery life and charging times combined with a low price tag and a perfect camera. This makes it a sensible choice for business people who want a phone that can cut a long day on the road at work, with the necessity for downtime.


When you think of tablets, most likely, your mind goes straight to Apple’s latest offering. The 2020 iPad Pro, with its 12.9-inch screen, is widely considered the best and most versatile on the market. The iPad Pro is so powerful that it can essentially replace your laptop while also being great for more leisurely content consumption. It has up to 512GB of storage, a 12mp camera, and weighs just 1.4lbs.

With excellent battery life and a brilliant display, it also enjoys its cursor meaning its good for a range of tasks you would have previously done on your laptop. Its A12Z Bionic chip means it beats most laptops on the market and can be used for word processing, media editing, web design, and just kicking back and streaming Netflix.

When it comes to devices, so much comes down to personal preference. Still, by following our suggestions, you can see some great examples of how practicality and functionality don’t impact enjoyability and style.

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