6 Applications for Graphic Designers That Can Be of Real Help

by Jones David

Graphic editors use a huge amount of various software, as well as web resources. To work without any boundaries, you have to pay money to be able to use such programs. However, every day there appear a huge number of different free applications. In the field of graphic design, many applications can help design professionals. However, not all such applications can be useful, because some of them are either not finalized or not suitable for professionals.

In this article, we’re going to talk about apps for professional designers that can be used on any iPhone for free.


There are many different applications where professionals can create color palettes. However, if you had to choose the most effective, then this application would become a leader among others.

If you often have to deal with color palettes and you need a tool that will help you create them quickly, then you can not do without this application. By installing this tool on your smartphone, you will be pleased with the presence of many useful features that you can use. Here you can work with about 2000 shades that will help you create the desired color scheme, come up with a single color palette, as well as pick up new colors for an existing color scheme.

For many professionals, it is important to receive feedback about their work. Using this application to create a color palette, you can share it on social platforms, so that your friends or colleagues leave their comments about your work.


For various aspects of work, professionals often need a good editor to improve illustrations and images. It can be used as a background remover, as an alternative to a free background remover by Retoucher, a tool for image cropping, saturation, and more. In this regard, one of the first-class editors for the iOS operating system is this application.

You can use more than 25 effects to enhance your images, which you can post on social platforms after post-processing. Many expert publications mark this application as one of the best. It is perfect for professionals who can enjoy a full set of tools and a variety of functions.


At first glance, this may seem like another image processing application, since it can be found in the video and photo section, but this is a great tool for working with inscriptions and texts. You can process images and then add amazingly beautiful captions. Here are collected many options for working with fonts that every professional can dream of.

You can then immediately share your work with your Tumblr and Instagram followers.


Sometimes, for convenience, specialists need to use not only tools for processing images, fonts, layouts, and so on. Sometimes you just need to express your ideas, thoughts, or just make a list of things to do and tasks. Writing down all your thoughts in a notebook can be inconvenient because the notebook can be forgotten or lost, but the smartphone is always there.

In this regard, it can be useful and convenient to have a digital notepad on your phone. It will always be at hand, wherever you are. This notebook can be used not only to take some notes, but also to create to-do lists, highlight priority information, edit documents and PDFs, and make changes to .ppt presentations. Every professional who has a lot of things to do in a day and also keeps a lot of information in his head will find this application very useful.


To get a job, each specialist must have a portfolio, which will contain the best pieces of work that can be shown to a potential employer. Now designers have the opportunity to have their portfolio always at hand. Using this application, you can not only store your work but also edit them, add new or delete unnecessary ones. Moreover, you can insert the necessary links, as well as add captions to your work.

In addition, it is also important to be able to quickly share a portfolio with a potential customer. This application gives such an opportunity to each user. Portfolios can be viewed using a browser or shared on social platforms.


The dream of any designer is to be able to work anywhere. However, to work everywhere, you need to have a program or application that will have everything you need to create a design. One such application is Create. Here, specialists can find all the necessary tools for creating interface design. You don’t have to worry about some features being missing. The only thing that can be inconvenient is just the size of your screen. However, for professionals, this is not a problem.


Today, graphic designers have the opportunity to work even using a smartphone. You don’t have to spend money on paid apps, because the free apps are full of useful tools for working with images, fonts, and more.

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