A Brief Guide to Super MAX Premium SD Memory Card

by Jones David

A secure digital card (SD card for short) is a card which is used to store digital information such as pictures and data. SD cards are commonly used in portable devices such as digital camcorders, cameras, computers, and mobile phones to enhance their memory capacity. For example, if your phone has 8GB of storage space and you want to take a lot of pictures, you would have a choice. Either you would have to consider uploading them to another device in order to make room for new ones, which can be a bit of a nuisance if you were on holiday for example or alternatively you would need to consider an option to allow more storage to your device.

It is an SD card that would allow you to expand your memory capability. SD cards come with a choice of memory capabilities. As our digital world becomes more and more advanced, we are requiring larger and larger amounts of storage capabilities. Several Megabytes used to be enough, we then progressed to Gigabytes and now many of the computers are using Terabytes of storage capability and it will not end the re.

What is a Petabyte?

We’ve heard of Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB) and even Terabytes (TB), well we are now thinking in terms of Petabytes (PB) as storage demands become greater and faster speeds are required. A Petabyte is equivalent to approximately 1,000 Terabytes or 1,000,000 Gigabytes! So yes, it is huge.

When it comes to storage requirements, the Super MAX Premium SD Memory card has it all, the range of cards come with many Petabytes of storage. We all know that the future of SD cards is huge as you can choose from the 16PB, 32PB and 64PB cards. When you consider that a single Netflix movie uses 4GB, a smartphone commonly has 64GB / 128GB of storage and a single terabyte can hold 130,000 digital photographs, you can imagine the storage capability of even a single Petabyte!

What some are not aware of is the speed classes of SD cards. The different makes of SD cards come with differing speeds. Speed is important for all manner of uses and the speed capability of the card will influence the import speed and the higher speeds will prevent the buffer time which is common with slower speeds. Each SD card will have its UHS speed class noted on the front and the higher the number, the faster the speed. The Super MAX Premium SD Memory card is ahead of its time with its high-speed capability.

For security, each Super MAX Premium SD Memory card comes with its own key fob and proximity alarm which has the capability to detect close at hand objects.

The Super MAX Premium SD Memory card is waterproof and will withstand x-ray equipment and magnetic influences, so a sturdy card which will withstand a variety of conditions.

So if you are looking for a robust SD card, which is ahead of its time in terms of size and speed then it would be worth considering The Super MAX Premium SD Memory card.

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