All you need to know before creating a mobile app for your business

by Jones David

First, when you come to the mobile app development studio, you need to describe the app of your dreams. This issue is discussed at the start with the mobile app development experts to start the work. Then, a business analyst can gather detailed information about every part of your future app.

The second thing is preliminary research. There is no doubt that a qualitative analysis before the launch guarantees success, but you will need to research the future target audience. The focus group method is perfect for this. In essence, this is an interview with prospective users of your product.

The question should be asked not to attract the client but to find out how much he understands the essence of the idea. For example, will they use a holiday wish list for their friends? You need to understand that the better the client understands the product, the more confidence you will have that they will use it and even share the program with friends or colleagues.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

Determine what your realistic budget is for mobile app development.  At the same time, keep in mind that they are unlikely to be able to tell you a fixed amount due to the peculiarities of product creation. There is also an unspoken rule among mobile app development studios. If the client cannot name a specific budget, this is not a serious project or a project that will remain only at the idea stage. The golden mean for both parties will be the determination of the fork, that is, the minimum and maximum amount that the customer is willing to pay for the project.

It is essential to understand that the budget should be defined in two stages. First, it is the development itself, that is, the number of working hours of specialists and external costs. Second, you’ll also need a budget once the project is running. Financial resources will be required for hosting, optimization, messaging services, scaling management, and other costs. You can reduce initial build costs to get your product up and running faster and improve your application later. As practice shows, this decision is chosen by the majority of modern entrepreneurs. It will be incredibly successful if you have a startup.

How can success be determined at each stage of mobile app development?

As mentioned earlier, developing mobile applications is a complex process consisting of several stages. Dividing a huge process into smaller ones can seem like unnecessary bureaucracy, as the work needs to be approved at each location. However, the success of the project will be hidden in this. So you will follow the right path, control the situation, and find and correct errors for better efficiency of program compilation. It is desirable to determine immediately what result should be achieved at each stage. It’s not just the design that needs to be ready but what design needs to be prepared at a particular stage.

How is the development going?

It’s essential to know all steps of development; that’s why we are going to demonstrate all of them to you: 

  • Research;
  • Payback calculation;
  • Prototype;
  • Development;
  • Testing;
  • Publication;
  • Crash tests.

At first, you tell the developer what results you want from running the app. Developing services clarify the details about:

  • the product, 
  • the site, 
  • sales funnels, 
  • CRM, 
  • logistics, 
  • and everything that will be related to the application.

Together with you, the developers will compile a table showing how the program will affect the fin performance and when it will pay off.

The next step is making a prototype of the application. You look at its capabilities and say what needs to be added/removed/changed. Professional developing services like Weelorum would test the prototype on your clients.  After approval, we begin the development of the application.

 After this, you can approve the layouts and materials for the application. Every week your developing team will report on the work progress and show the results.

The first version is ready. Developers test in different modes eliminates shortcomings and errors. IT specialists are finalizing the application for feedback from your employees and customers. Then developers publish two applications on the pages: in the AppStore and Google Play Market and give recommendations on how to recruit users and show how to monitor user activity.

 As a rule, IT teams monitor the application’s operation for a month or two, and if something goes wrong, they quickly eliminate failures and errors. Professional teams bring the application to stable operation and hand over the project to you. 

What will be the monetization after developing a mobile application?

As you can see, the economic rationale for ROI in the case of a B2E (business-to-employee) program is evident. You increase the productivity of your employees and optimize business processes, which positively affects the growth of the business in general. If you create a mobile application to bring the user closer to your product, then the issue of monetization also does not arise. You create an easier path for the user to purchase or order services. This rule works incredibly successfully in the field of services and e-commerce. In this case, it is better to call the development of a mobile application for Android.

However, the possibility of program monetization does not end right here. If you’re building an application for users, you have several options, such as:

  •  make the program initially paid;
  •  receive payment for displaying advertising messages;
  •  expand user capabilities by purchasing premium subscriptions.

It is better to think about the monetization strategy right away so that when creating an MVP, you understand precisely what to focus on in the first place, how to create an affiliate platform, or what to offer users so that they buy a paid program or a premium subscription.

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