Best Encrypted Chats: How to Protect Your Privacy?

by Jones David

People still believe that data distributed via popular apps like FB messenger or Telegram is protected and never monitored. Nevertheless, this thought is a delusion. The issue is, Facebook can legally share sensitive information operated in-app with sided services when needed. These events should make users more attentive web and data protection.

Up-to-date encryption technology has become the primary way to hide sensitive data across the Internet. Encrypted chats, browsers, wallets, and other apps are getting on the main focus of the privacy-conscious public. Let’s explore the most trustworthy services below in this review!

The list of the prominent encrypted chats 2020

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uMessenger is an in-app messenger and a part of the Utopia multi-purpose ecosystem. The P2P environment is end-to-end encrypted and incorporates other essentials apart from the chat room. Inside Utopia you are able to communicate on the web via secure mailbox, view websites securely through the local browser, transfer cryptocurrencies with the in-built financial center. Utopia presents bountiful bonuses – you obtain crypto for the time you spend online. Explore the other advantages:

  1. Advanced encryption. Utopia exploits the most advantageous technology – Elliptic cryptography and 256-bit processor. These means are the most forward-looking and tested available for people by now. The encryption protects all internal action, data transfers, and local storage. 
  2. No names. The real persona of members is always hidden. Anonymity is guaranteed since you will never be asked for your ID, name, phone number, email. Users even don’t have to generate the nickname – the system provides them with the unique ID code. 
  3. Decentralization. The local data warehouse is replaced in the matter of safety so that sided intruders won’t reach the user’s files. This network path proves P2P communication and no possibility for the data leakage. 
  4. Effortless mining. All you need to do is to turn on the domestic Mining tool, and coins arrive at your wallet balance! The system rewards every 15 minutes individuals spend online. 

This encrypted chat contains engaging games and hilarious stickers; you must see right away. Download for free and enjoy! 


E-chat is a messenger generated on the Ethe reum platform. The chat room distributes local coins that improve local activities and communications. Furthermore, the in-app wallet performs other than in-app transactions so that E-chat is truly multi-functional and useful. 

This messenger proves a high-level performance thanks to the encryption of voice calls involving several participants simultaneously. Thesecure group conversation includes up to 10 people, which makes E-chat perfect for business and personal use. Moreover, users have an option to choose whether they want to use just a voice connection of switch on video mode. The user experience is clear-cut and intuitive. 

Also, E-chat stimulates the creation of media and sharing it across the community. It supports those bloggers who are contributing practical articles, curios news, and visual content. This messenger repays for content creators in local and easy-to-exchange crypto tokens. Essentially, you can capitalize on uploading Instagram or Snapchat-like fading IG-like Moments and other content. The issue is instead of likes and impressions; other members express their reactions by transferring crypto to you. Set up E-chat to engage with people worldwide! 


Dust is an encoded messaging app, providing an opportunity to issue and share in-app tokens. Dust members get money for various activities; moreover, they can transfer coins to other members. The messenger repays for participation in the content making. Consequently, Dusters who are uploading authentic photos, articles, news that are essential for the rest of the members, they get pay. Meantime, the chatting space and community may punish those who are violating the internal guidelines. Exactly, the cost of local crypto will increase for these members being a penalty. As you can assume, rewards and superior engagement are modifying this communication tool into a community rather than simply encrypted chat. 

The communication process relates to the Snapchat algorithm. The texts, images, and other files self-destruct as long as a recipient view it first time. Importantly, that Dust is an app-agnostic communication tool that is rare and unique. What does this feature mean? You can interact with people regardless of what chatting app they practice. For instance, you can message from Dust to WhatsApp and other messengers. Moreover, Dust users get informed as soon as a recipient takes a screenshot of the dialog. 

The final thought

Ultimately, after plunging into various credible messengers of this year, you can bypass global espionage and keep your information secure. Don’t forget to combine a secure messenger with other privacy tools and VPN to enhance confidentiality online! 

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