How long does attempting data recovery take?

by Jones David

Data recovery is anyone’s first concern when a system crashes and all the data is lost. Among the top questions regarding this is “how long will it take?”. No one has patience when it comes to retrieving data but unfortunately, the procedure takes at least 2 days. This is however only a rough estimate and there are a number of factors that influence the time it takes to recover the data. Let’s look at some of these factors:

  1.     The condition of the Hardware

It is much harder and therefore takes longer to retrieve data from a drive that is seriously damaged than from one that is in good condition and functioning fully.  Therefore, when data I lost because it got delete accidentally, formatted or because of a virus, data will take little time, usually no more than 48 hours. On the other hand, damaged drives that require recovery will take a minimum f 7 days and can take longer based on the factors to be discussed below.   

  1.     The size of the drive

Larger drives usually take longer than the others. At least 20 hours are needed for only one scan for a 4Tb drive and several such scans are needed. Besides the time it will take for this, most professionals will clone the data and that will add to the time it will take.   

  1.     How easily available the donor parts are

Drives that have damaged hardware require repair parts to make them functional. Some of these are easily available while others are not. Sub-models of these hard drives, for example, might not be difficult to get but some parts can take up to several weeks of online search or contacting recovery organizations.

  1.     How functional the drive is after an internal repair

Using replacement parts does not always yield a 100% result and full functionality. The smallest of micro-variation while writing the magnetic data can cause problems; the drive might have to be re-read several times to recover all the data.

  1.     Service that the customer opts for

Many companies offer expedited/emergency services at an additional cost. These service options make these customers the first in the line and their work will be done first. These offer complete the work as fast as is possible.

There are many different companies offering data recovery services, SalvageData for example, which can guarantee more than 90% recovery. When faced with the problem of lost data, these services are the first the customers look for. Some of these services will also not take any charges if, by the end of the procedure, data is not recovered. If you have lost important data and need to recover them, these companies will help you out. You can get more information on their websites and after you read this, if you still have queries, you can contact them directly. The time it will take will depend on the factors mentioned above. If you need the data to be recovered as soon as possible, it is best to opt for the emergency services, particularly if your hardware is damaged and would otherwise take too long.  

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