Good Electric Cars On The Market in 2021

by Jones David

Electric cars are trending these days. With more electric cars on the market than ever before, you might start looking into buying one. I mean, the benefits are endless, and there are going to continue making charging stations across the world as more people need to travel and commute using an electric car. It can be confusing and intimidating shopping for electric cars because unlike traditional cars, you are dealing with a whole different landscape. You will want to do your research before buying, obviously! 

Whether you are just browsing or getting more serious about buying an electric car, look no further for the best of electric cars in 2021. 

Tesla Model 3

Obviously, we had to put this one first. Teslas are everywhere now! Unlike many beliefs, Teslas are relatively affordable ranging from $38,000 to $54,990. The car can range from 263 miles which may be a bit shorter than other electric cars but still a long distance on a single charge. Although the model is a bit stubbier than other versions it is about half the price. Not only that but there are some amazing features such as AutoPilot and a beautiful interior. Overall, an excellent pick for an electric car, especially since the cost of a Tesla home charger isn’t super expensive either! 

Hyundai Kona Electric 

The Hyundai Kona electric is a new 2021 model that has some amazing features. First off the price is $35,578 which is a competitive price compared to Tesla. The car can go from zero to sixty in 6.4 seconds, so if you’re a fast driver you will love this. The range is also amazing, as the car can go 258 miles which is just under Tesla’s mileage. You can also qualify for the tax credit on this car, bringing your total down even more. Overall, a great choice with one of the most competitive prices.

Polestar 2  

If you’re unfamiliar, Polestar is an independent company founded by Volvo. It is a five-door car that is electric but also a safety system leader. Because of its safety technology developed by Volvo, it is a great option for a family. It is rated approximately 233 miles from a single charge. That’s less than some others, like Tesla 3, but still not terrible. The car offers some spectacular safety features such as post-impact braking to assist when the driver is in an accident. Great choice and competitor on the market! 

Mini Cooper SE 

If you’re a mini cooper fan, look no further. They have come out with an electric version that of course still looks like the original mini cooper. The price is cheaper than the other bunch coming at $30,750. While the only drawback to this purchase is the range is much shorter than others with an approximate range of 110 miles. Although, minis have always been a fun drive, especially if you live in a beach town. It is more of an urban commuter than a long-range travel car. But, if you’re someone who owns multiple cars and wants a simple, fun car to drive to work and around your city– Mini Cooper SE is it!

Mustang Mach-E Premium 

2021 means Mustangs newest edition car. There is a solid mix of performance and technology in the car that you won’t miss out on. With it’s sports car styling and Apple Carplay technology, you will feel luxurious in this car. Additionally, the range is about 300 miles making it one of the highest currently out there. The price is higher, at $56,200, but you are getting a sports car feel. 

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 

Although this is a hybrid, it runs 33 miles on battery power, enough to drive you to work and also stop for some errands. A mini-van style car, you will have room for family members and travel gear. The price comes in at $39,995 which is competitive. The best part of this car is that if you decide to travel long distances, you can still use gas but if you are traveling within your area you can get a lot of power from just the battery. 

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