Good Way For Running A Successful Video Marketing Campaign in 2021

by Jones David

Many marketing strategies and tools are available for small businesses in today’s modern business world, including multiple financing options like small business loans. Marketing campaigns might take different shapes or require different media to transit info. They all have similar goals: to promote or sell your brand. 

Social media management site, Hootsuite, says global social media giant YouTube has at least 2 billion logged-in users monthly. So every minute, users upload about 500 hours of video content to the platform! This means for video marketing because marketers worldwide are making and publishing video content at an overwhelming rate. 

It’s no secret that the modern customer is a lover of video content. That is arguably the best way to communicate your brand to them. That’s why in this article, you’ll be understanding what video marketing and its importance are, including tools to help you build this campaign. 

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing involves using video to raise awareness, build engagement, and drive sales for a business. This form of digital marketing links with content marketing and is one of the best ways to drive engagement today. 

While previously most small businesses needed more money than they could afford to run video marketing, nowadays, small business loans and other solutions make this kind of marketing cheaper and effective. Also, it has different video types, including explainer videos, brand story videos, and demo videos. 

Why Use Video Marketing to Boost Your Business?

There are several digital marketing variations to use, but video marketing might be the best bet for your marketing campaign. Here are some reasons you can rely on video marketing to boost your business:

  • Billions of People Love Video: As technology advances, especially in the mobile device industry, it is becoming easier for businesses to record videos and even more convenient for potential customers to watch their content. 

Digiday says social media giants Facebook gets more than 8 billion video views every day, most of them viewed without sound, which says a lot.

  • Video Contents Will Explain Your Products and Services Better: Video is an ideal tool when you need content to help potential customers learn about a product you offer. Your customers and potential customers will only buy a product from you if they understand its benefits and how it works. 

Visual elements in video marketing campaigns help make this easier, and animations help bring complex concepts to life.

  • Video Marketing Builds Trust: With video marketing campaigns, you can help build and solidify the trust your customers have in you. With content marketing, you’re making a long-term relationship, and a level of trust depends on the valuable info your video marketing campaign provides.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Brand awareness seeks to make your business brand more recognizable to the public. Video marketers and others who run video marketing campaigns measure brand awareness using video views, brand recognition and recall, and quality or frequency of mentions.

Best Tools to Help You Make a Successful Campaign

Video can boost conversion and sales for businesses that have an online presence and work with the internet. Meanwhile, the following tools should help you make a successful, conversion-generating video marketing campaign:

  • Audio Buzz allows you to find the perfect music your video needs from a comprehensive and handpicked library free from royalty fees.
  • Animaker is do-it-yourself video animation software. It is cloud-based and allows you to create animated videos while using pre-built templates and characters. Mobile integration is also available.
  • Canva offers high-quality video making, whether or not you have video editing experience. 
  • VidIQ, although exclusive to Youtube optimization, will help you spread your reach on YouTube and increase your subscriber base.
  • Agorapulse is a social media manager application that helps amplify video content for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


For most businesses that run video marketing campaigns, viewer engagement, conversion, and demand generation are some goals they hope to achieve after their campaign. In simple terms, they need more brand awareness to drive up patronage and sales. The tools we’ve listed can help you stay to reach your potential customers, and you also have the option of small business loans for achieving your video marketing goals.

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