Tips To Choose Best Phone Case For Your Needs

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Phone cases can come in many sizes, shapes, and varieties, making it difficult to decide which one is best for you. Depending on your unique needs, you can choose a phone case that will both protect your phone and have useful features. If you are highly active, you may want a bulkier phone case. However, if you don’t excessively use your phone, a slim case might work for you. You may want to consider customized phone cases by Printful to give you greater control over how your phone case looks. For additional advice on phone cases, you can read more on how to choose the best one. 

Read Reviews

Before you pick a phone case, you can read the reviews to learn whether the features fit what you’re looking for. This will save you time, so you don’t have to return phone cases when you are dissatisfied. Customers often leave very in-depth reviews that can help inform you about the performance of a phone case. 

Battery Case

If you are a busy person that often travels, adding a battery case can help. Battery cases can significantly extend the amount of time you spend on your phone before charging it. Apps that have geolocation or frequently refresh can drain a lot of your phone’s energy. Getting a phone case with a battery case can help you circumvent this issue. 

Screen Protector

You can get a phone case that incorporates a screen protector. Typically, these phone cases are more complex and require you to lock in the screen before you snap the case around your phone. Screen protectors prevent your screen from shattering and also from getting scratches on the phone’s glass surface. 


Your phone cover can include bumpers on each corner so that every time you drop it, the impact is blocked by the bumpers. This allows the phone to bounce instead of smack on a hard surface. If you are a sporty person or in construction, this is a great feature to have. It can save you money by protecting your phone from major drops and falls.  

Hard Cover or Silicone

The difference between a hardcover and a silicone case is vast, and they both have an entirely different feel. You may prefer the rubbery surface of a silicone case but are wondering if it works as well as a hardcover case. Surprisingly, silicone cases work just as well as hardcover ones. They can be just as tough and are more lightweight than hardcover. Silicone cases are also easier to clean. Hardcover cases are great for fun digital patterns and designs. They also may have great decorations, such as rhinestones or dangling trinkets. Choosing between the two is a personal preference, as they both offer strong protection against accidents. 

Special Features

Your phone cover can include hinges or kickstands that allow it to stand up when watching videos or listening to music. These features are often built into covers with a magnetic attachment that can fold around or behind the phone. 

Custom Phone Cases 

Make a stylish phone case that best represents your overall style. You can create a new customized phone case for every season if you ever want a fresh look. Your phone case can be covered with graphics, patterns, words, slogans, and even a logo. For the winter, you can put Christmas-themed designs on your phone to give you and onlookers some holiday cheer. If you like your design, you can share it with others and put it up on the marketplace for sale. 

Rugged or Lightweight

You can choose between a lightweight or rugged phone case based on your lifestyle. If you frequently are biking, jogging, or doing other activities, you should get a heavy phone case to protect your phone from high-impact falls. When skateboarding or doing other sports on cement, you will want your phone to be well protected. Some phones incorporate unshatterable glass, titanium, stainless steel, and other materials that withstand rigorous activities. If you aren’t the type to get into hardcore sports or fitness, you can go with a slimmer, lightweight design. It will be easier to fit into your pocket but be durable enough to protect your phone from 3-foot falls. They are more stylish and flaunt your phone’s design by not covering it up behind layers of plastic, silicone, or leather.

Affordable Versus Expensive

Expensive phone cases are useful because they have features that cheaper ones don’t have. For example, if you love to go diving, boating, or swim often, you may want a truly waterproof phone case that works well against any leaks. Expensive phones incorporate materials that are pricier but more durable. They typically come with long-term warranties that have a guarantee stating that they are not breakable. Affordable phone cases, such as customizable or silicone styles, are also beneficial and can prevent your phone from breaking despite terrible drops and a cheaper price range. 

Other Ideas for Custom Phone Cases

When selecting a phone case, you may want to try creating a custom one to save yourself time. Instead of browsing through numerous options, you can consider making a design from scratch. Other phone case designers may have uploaded cool template designs that appeal to your tastes. They are easy to print out and can be delivered within days to your home. Custom phone cases are also affordable. 

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