How to Avoid Internet Lags?

by Jones David

Internet lag is the amount of time it takes for the data to travel from a sender to the receiver’s end. While all connection networks inherently carry some form of latency, the amount varies and can certainly change due to various reasons. For instance, fiber-optic internet usually has a low latency rate because it is delivered over wires that contain strands of glass fibers covered in an insulated casing, which significantly increases the speed of the connection. High-latency rates can cause delays in your network speed, making it hard for you to carry out your online activities like gaming, video streaming, and downloading effectively. 

So, How to Get Rid of Internet Lags?

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to avoid internet lags and maintain consistent internet speed. However, before we mention ways to avoid latency, it is important to discuss what causes the latency in the first place. 

What Causes Latency?

Distance is the primary reason for latency. If you are located far away from the service provider, you can expect higher latency rates than those who are located within a few kilometers. In addition to this, the latency of your network also depends on the hardware you are using, the type of connection you have subscribed to, and the equipment you have received from your ISP. 

With that being said, let us discuss the ways through which you can minimize your internet lag.

  • Replace Your Internet Modem and Router

Old modems and routers often fail to keep up with the speed of the internet. If you are using a high-speed internet connection, then you must use premium equipment that is capable of transmitting strong and reliable internet signals. If you cannot seem to find a suitable router for your network, then contact your ISP and ask them to recommend a router that works perfectly with your connection so you can use your service to its full potential with minimal latency. 

  • Avoid Downloading Files Simultaneously

To minimize the latency rate, avoid downloading heavy files at the same time. Simultaneous downloads consume more bandwidth, which ultimately results in a high latency rate. Plus, when multiple users are connected to the same network, the bandwidth is shared across various devices, which means that each device will receive limited internet speed. Therefore, you should avoid simultaneous downloads and various multiple users to the same network.

  • Do Not Run Multiple Apps at Once

Computers tend to slow down if several different commands are sent at the same time. Applications run on RAM (Random Access Memory), which primarily stores working data and codes. This memory needs to be free and optimized so that your computer system can easily run the necessary applications without slowing down. So, if you have too many applications running on your computer, close down a few and only keep the required ones open to minimize the lag.

  • Scan and Remove Viruses and Malware

Scan your computer regularly to detect and remove dangerous viruses and malware from its system. Viruses interfere with your network causing it to perform slowly. In addition to this, they often create duplicate files on your computer’s storage, which also decreases the speed of your system. Therefore, install a reliable antivirus on your computer to prevent malware and viruses from entering your machine.

  • Use an Ethernet Cable Connection

There is no doubt in the fact that wireless connections are more convenient than a wired one. However, in some circumstances, a wired connection works better than a wireless network. For instance, if you are an avid online gamer who needs a super-fast internet connection with no latency rate, then using an Ethernet cable would work perfectly as it supports lower or no latencies and transmits high-speed data. 

  • Upgrade Your Internet Package

After trying all the aforementioned techniques, if you are still experiencing a high latency rate, then maybe your internet plan is not sufficient to support your online activities. In such a case, you need to upgrade your internet package to a better one so you can easily carry out all your online activities without any interruption. 

  • Change Your ISP

If your current internet provider is not offering the plan that you need, then you can always look around for other options available in your area. For users who need fast and reliable internet service, we highly recommend Spectrum internet plans as they come with unlimited data allowance and incredible download and upload speeds. To check the availability in your region, simply enter your zip code and street address on Local Cable Deals and you will be presented with all the viable options in your vicinity. Choose the plan that perfectly blends with your requirements and make the most out of your service.

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