4 Best studio headphones for phones In 2020

by Jones David

In today’s world, headphones are becoming a basic need. Every other person wants this product for various purposes. It may be hard to always connect headphones with a laptop or other device. The most used device is no doubt mobile phone. Why not search for a headphone that can work with this small item? Luckily, many studio headphones are available that can work well with phones. Let us discoverthem!

Product description1 year

Sennheiser hd650


  • Narrow tolerance
  • High-quality finishing
  • Minimum disruption
  • Low sound sensitivity
  • Lightweight
  • Superb response


This masterpiece has a dynamic and elite design that people dream of. The product is designed with magnet systems that are highly optimized in nature. These magnet systems promise to eliminate all sorts of disruptions. The finishing of the headphone is done in high-quality silver or titanium. 

Moreover, the surface of the diaphragm has accurate damping that lets headphones work all the time. Highly conductive OFC copper is used for the construction of detachable modulated cables. This means the sensitivity of sound is extremely low. The voice coils are made of Aluminium that provides an extraordinary sound response. The adaptor lead is plated with gold. In short, the product is completely comfortable to be worn for a long time. 


 It is an improved version of HD 600 that provides exceptional sound quality and is among the best studio cans of the year. It is a pleasure to the discerning ears. Listeners cannot resist the perfect experience of sound. It promises a natural sound. If you connect it with your phone and listen to songs, you can easily have a feeling of attending the concert. The sound is transparent and balanced. 

Sometimes, listeners can be very demanding. This headphone can always meet up to their expectation because of its improved and astounding features. The headphones are connected to various devices directly. This doesn’t affect their performance. The sound will still be crystal clear. 


Frequency response 10 – 39500 Hz
Impedance 300 ohms
Transducer principle Dynamic, open
Sound pressure level (SPL) 103 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion 0.05 %
Weight w/o cable 0.57lb (260 g)
Contact pressure ca. 2,5 N
Ear coupling Circumaural
Jack plug 1/4″ / 1/8″ (3.5/6.3 mm) stereo
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions  12.4 x 10 x 4.33 inches
weight 9.1 ounces

Audio Technica ATH – M50x


  • Excellent audio performance
  • Huge aperture drivers
  • Long frequency range
  • Deep bass response
  • Superb noise cancellation


The earcups are made of soft pads that are extremely comfortable. The headphones can be worn for a whole day easily. The wire voice coils are made of copper-clad aluminum in addition to the earth magnets that are not easily found. The ear coupling is a Circumaural that can help reduce or cancel extra noise even in louder environments. The headband is made of advanced materials which is why the product has long durability. 


These headphones deliver exceptional sound. This feature is mainly because of the noise cancellation property. The detachable cables are an additional feature that delivers a deep response as never heard before. The extended range of frequency removes all kinds of distortions to be faced by the user. 


Driver 45 mm
Magnet Neodymium 
Voice Coil CCAW (Copper-clad aluminum wire) 
Frequency Response 15 – 28,000 Hz 
Sensitivity 99 dB 
Maximum Input Power 1,600 mW at 1 kHz 
Dimensions  11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches
Impedance 38 ohms 
Weight 285 g (10 oz) without cable and connector

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250


  • High-resolution sound
  • Long durability
  • Single-sided cable
  • Robust workmanship
  • Outstanding impulse response
  • Amazing sound volume


These headphones are designed to not only be sued in the studio but also as professional ones. Earpads are extremely soft which is why the item can be worn for a long time. Additionally, the coupling of ears is circumaural. The earpads are replaceable as well. That is why comfortability is not compromised in any situation. These features combine to add one feature of durability into the product. 


These studio headphones deliver transparent and clear sound. It also has an impressive sound volume that can be controlled easily by the user. The sounds can be easily differentiated when using this item because of the high-frequency range. In short, a person can enjoy nonstop music or use this product for other purposes without any hindrance. Lastly, this headphone is excellent for DJs as well.


Dimensions  7 x 4 x 8.5 inches
Sound quality Very spacious, transparent, detailed
Design Closed (powerful isolation of ambient noises)
Cabe length and type 1.6 m / straight cable (32 Ω version), 3 m / straight cable (80 Ω version), 3 m / coiled cable (250 Ω version)
Accessories Stereo 6.3 mm jack adapter, drawstring bag, operating instructions
Weight  10.2 ounces
Jack  3.5mm
Connectivity  Wired 

Sony MDR7506


  • 40mm Driver Unit
  • Closed-Ear Design
  • Folding Construction
  • Stereo Uni-match Plug
  • Gold Connectors and OFC Cord


The product has been designed to monitor the sound when recording anything in the studios. It is because recording requires the sound of high quality. The design is rugged and is constructed for convenient folding. The connectors are plated with gold and the cord is made of professional oxygen-free copper. The design of the product is completely reliable in any kind of situation. The earpads are designed to provide comfortability to the user to be worn for a long time. The closed-ear design is highly effective that produces a clean and clear sound. The headband padding is soft and pain-free. 


No disruption or distortion is faced by users. It cancels all background noises so that the user can have a wonderful experience. Power can be easily handled by the magnets made of neodymium. The highs of the sound are as clear as crystal. The low end has an extension that delivers a deep response. The overall sound experience of the user with this headphone is indescribable


Folding Construction Compactness in storage
40mm Driver Unit For clear, high quality sound reproduction
Closed-Ear Design Comfort and reduction of external noise interference
Stereo Uni-match Plug 1/4″ and 1/8″ applications
Gold Connectors and OFC Cord Reliable and stable signal connection and transmission
Supplied Soft Case Protective storage
Headphone Type Dynamic, closed
Magnet Type Neodymium
Driver Size 40.0 mm
Frequency Response 10-20kHz
Impedance 63 Ohms
Sensitivity 106 dB/W/m
Power Handling 1,000mW
Plug Type Gold, Stereo Uni-match plug ¼” and 1/8”
Cord Length 9.8 ft
Weight 8.1 oz
Jack  3.5mm
Connectivity  Wired 

Things to consider before buying headphones

One cannot just buy any product without knowing its features. You need to select the headphones that possess certain qualities to make your exposure wondrous. Take a look at the following requirements when it comes to choosing a studio headphone.

  • Impedance

Have you ever wondered what technical information is mentioned in ohms about a product? That is the impedance of the studio headphones. The product needs high voltage to enhance the value of impedance. For this purpose, a precise rate of current is selected. The voltage tends to decrease the loudness of the headphones. 

Volume is produced through high power. That is only possible if the impedance value is high. But recently, the impedance value is very low. It is because the headphones and devices with low voltage have to be in sync with each other. In other words, no compromise with quality or power is acceptable for headphones and devices to work efficiently with each other.

The output limitations of the amplifiers are determined by the impedance. This decreases the power limit of the item. Distortion will be faced if the output impedance is high. There is a larger load on headphones with low impedance than those with high. Amplifiers limit the headphones with high impedance which decreases the volume. 

Poor choice of headphones in terms of impedance is not good.

  • Sensitivity

High sensitivity headphones are preferred so that minor details can be edited. The electrical signals of the earpieces are converted into sound through sensitivity. This can tell how loud can electrical drive can produce sound. 

High volume is gained when sensitivity is high. That is gained through power amplifiers attached to some headphones. This can damage the product easily. Make sure to select the headphones with sensitivity not more than 120dBs. 85dBs are the limitation for those who want to use the product for a long time. 

To save your hearing from any harm, it is recommended to use not more than 100dBs sensitivity headphones in noisy environments. A similar rule applies to the amplifiers. 

It is very important to consider the factor of sensitivity. While recording the music, every detail must be noted and observed. High-quality sound is produced through high sensitivity but it can also damage your ears. 

  • Drivers

Sound is the converted form of an electrical signal. This is made possible through a basic element that is the driver. Three things make up a driver. Those include:

  • Magnet
  • Voice coils 
  • Diaphragm

How is a powerful sound produced by the driver unit? It all depends on the size. Bigger sound is produced through a bigger driver unit. But big driver units do not promise a better output. That is dependent on the components of the driver unit and their quality as well.  

  • Comfort

It is the basic factor required by all users. Headphones have to be worn for a long period. People want headphones that do not exert any pressure on their ears or heads. Thus, before buying the studio headphone, make sure they have done enough padding to provide comfortability to your ears. 

  • Durability

Headphones do not stay in one hand all the time. People share their stuff. The same is the case with headphones. They will wear out easily when shifting into different hands. One may want to select those headphones whose parts are replaceable. The parts of headphones must be strong enough to stand for a long time and should be easily replaceable to extend its durability. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Studio headphones v/s Regular headphones. How are they different?

Flat and balanced frequency response is promised by the studio headphones. A bit of sweetness is added to the sound through regular headphones. This increases the response of bass and frequencies as well. All sorts of sounds are blocked from the surroundings.

  • Is it worthy enough to use studio headphones?

The use of studio headphones is a professional one. Recordings or mixing choose the headphones which have peaceful signatures. But it is not always a necessity. These headphones prove great for entertainment purposes. The most highly recommended headphone that works best with the phone is Audio- Technica M50X.

  • Why do we use studio headphones for phones?

It is because even smaller details of the mix can be heard carefully through these demanding headphones. You can easily monitor the quality of the mixes. That is why the best monitoring headphones are required. What else can be better than specifically designed studio headphones?

  • Headphones are worn in studios by singers too. Why?

Tracks are played at the back when a singer sings the song. That may overpower the voice of the singer. When they wear headphones, they can focus on producing each note accurately. This helps them understand where they are going wrong or which note needs improvement.

  • How is isolation necessary?

When you listen to songs or record one, it is better to enjoy the experience in peace. If the sound keeps leaking out, the mic will easily catch it. That is not good at all. You need a product with a flat response. That is why the headphones having the feature of noise cancellation must be selected to prevent you from facing any disruption or distortion.

  • Does frequency matter?

The perfect range of frequencies is 20Hz to 2kHz. The headphones producing frequencies between this rate are highly recommended. They can provide clear sound with no outside interference. If the range has any extension, that is the best of all.

Although there are many other headphones used for phones, the above-mentioned top the list. Make a wise choice to have a beautiful exposure. Check also best laptop for video editing nowadays.

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