How To Bring Up A Designer In A Childhood

by Jones David

Every child is born with the installation “I am an artist, I see so”. However, he has to explain that design is applied craftsmanship in which functionality is important. It is not enough just to learn how to draw or learn the tools in a graphic editor; first of all, you need an idea that suits the task.

Why do you need to learn design?

The most interesting activities – with kids 7-9 years old. Their fantasy has no limits at all! They invent very interesting things, and in response to simple tasks, they create the most unusual solutions with great enthusiasm. It is at this moment until the child’s flexible mind is not limited to a frame, it is necessary to put the concept of design into his head.

In silicon valley, it is already said that at the state level to introduce design in the school curriculum. At such lessons, it is necessary to demonstrate the world experience in all areas from fine arts to industrial design.

A child is a blank sheet on which everything is recorded, and to instill aesthetics is a matter of technique and desire.

Everyone has a good taste from birth, but it requires support and development. Everything depends on society, education, school environment, development. Does the child travel since childhood? Does the child read books? Does it look at works of art? Does it pay attention to the things around it? The more world experience will be able to fit into a little person’s head, the more likely it is that in the future he will develop a good sense of style.

Which approach works

The most difficult thing in training is to find the way to the child, involve him/her, understand what he/she is interested in. Through the prism of his preferences to build a path to design. Little children have a better perception of game exercises, teenagers – examples from life. But we do not exclude games even in the older groups because they help children to relax and go beyond the limits. If a child is too tired with classes you may let use this service.

About children’s internal perfectionism

Internal perfectionism in children is even more dangerous than in adults. They divide everything into black and white, and when faced with adult life, they are very disappointed. They see that the world is multifaceted, but are not yet ready to accept it.

Tips, how to bring up a designer in a childhood

  1. It is very important to tune the child into the process. At the beginning of the class, it is necessary to warm up. It is necessary for a child to immerse himself or herself in a creative atmosphere and to think more flexibly. Sometimes we draw something with the right hand first, then with the left hand, then with two crossed hands. Another time, we finish drawing scribbles and try to turn them into an image of something understandable.
  2. You can’t force a child. We have to leave the old school, where nobody cared about the wishes of the student. If someone does not want to work, we just leave him alone. As practice shows, in 10-15 minutes, he himself gets involved in the process. Especially, if he hears a teacher praise someone: there is an excitement to make better.
  3. Finding the way to the child’s heart can sometimes be difficult. In such cases, we involve the whole group: children see communication problems and try to involve the classmate.
  4. It is necessary to communicate with the child on equal terms – not from the adult point of view. Even in communication on outside topics, it is important to listen and discuss carefully, it is valuable for children.

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