How to identify The Best internet for gaming?

by Jones David

Gaming emerged a few decades ago and it has taken over the world since its emergence. It has seen a significant improvement over the years. The improving graphics, amazing details and awesome sound effects are making it evermore indulging.

The introduction of the internet changed the gaming arena forever. Online gaming was introduced so that people sitting at different locations could play together. This experience further enhanced after smartphones hit the market. Every smartphone became a console in itself. Games like PUBG mobile, Fortnight and, more recently, COD mobile have seen the popularity go through the roof.

Online gaming and the internet

The internet made online gaming possible. It works as a LAN but on a larger scale. You can sit in your home and play against another participant from a different part of the world. This makes it all the more fun but it also increases the reliance on the internet. A connection used for gaming needs to be fast and reliable.

What more do you need to know about The Best internet for gaming? Read on to find out.

Look for LocalCabledDeals

Combine the above and you get an internet deal that is ideal for your gaming needs. The question here arises where to look for one? There are many online portals/websites that can help with it. LocalCableDeals, for example, offers you the convenience to use your zip code and look for the Best internet options. Bear in mind that your options will vary with the location and so will the offered packages.


Better graphics than ever, great sound, more interaction with the game, it all requires data packets to be exchanged. This data exchange requires your internet’s speed to be super-fast. A faster internet connection can carry more data per second in comparison to a slower connection. You can check your internet speed here.

A 15-25 Mb connection should do the job but bear in mind that you will be sharing it with the rest of the family as well. They will be consuming bandwidth as well which may prove to be a hindrance in your smooth gaming experience.

Ping and latency

We just learned that online gaming requires data packets to be exchanged. Your device sends a data packet to the server and a data packet is sent in response to it. This transmission of data to the server and its response rate is called ping. Latency is the time taken for this exchange of data.

The tricky part is that the internet connection or packages are sold by their internet speeds. Ping and latency scores are little known. The re’s a reason for it. Latency and ping scores do not depend on your internet connection alone. They also depend on the server you choose. You are sitting in North America and decide to connect to a server in Asia. The distance the data packets have to cover is massive. Choosing a server in the same or closer region will significantly reduce the ping scores and latency time.

Here are a few latency/ping numbers you need to keep in your mind:

Latency/Ping Number (Milliseconds) Expected Gaming Experience
1-30ms Great
30-60ms Good may experience lag
61-100ms Experience lag
100ms and higher Not suitable for gaming

Data Caps

Most people are familiar with data caps. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is the amount of data you can use. More simply, how many GBs can you consume? Gaming takes data consumption to another level. Although, individually it does not consume a larger chunk but combine it with your streaming needs and you may have a problem.

Most internet providers offer 1000 GB data before you start to face slower speeds or total disconnection. Ideally, you should be looking for an internet that offers freedom without a data cap.


The Internet is a need of every household and its role in our lives is increasing by the minute. Entertainment in general and online gaming, in particular, relies heavily on a stable internet connection. A good internet connection for gaming lets you enjoy your online gaming experience without taking a hefty toll on your pocket. There are a few simple things like speed, latency, and a few others. A little attention and you can enjoy your internet to play games for years to come.

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