Crashes, Hacking, and Data Breaches: New Age Enemies

by Jones David

Safeguard Your Website

We are living in a time where personal information is being bartered and sold for profit. It all began over 20 years ago when the desktop revolution moved the entire world towards home computer networks and sharing information. 

Today, consumers concentrate on big data, data mining, and cloud storage to try to keep track of data, mine its content, and use it in a way that is beneficial too as many people as possible. But as you know, this is a time when we are also facing considerable problems in data breaches, networks crashing, and secure protection of all the work we have been able to harvest. For example, a software company wants to stop someone from breaking into their system and getting information about their most current technical writing software. A software company wants their trade secrets to remain just that—secrets. They do not want their hard work pirated on the web.

Most companies have set up their version of backup software. In some circles, backup software is called by different names like backup storage. Backups are done throughout the day or night at a given time. There may be times when companies have to shut down all business transactions to do maintenance upgrades, but, most importantly, it is getting all the business transactions stored away in case of an unplanned attack.

Protecting Your Data

What can companies do to protect their data? There are backups to be done, and cloud storage available data is still being breached by hackers and other types of computer viruses meant to destroy the right order of a competitive market. Hackers break into multibillion-dollar corporations and destroy the trust that they have worked their entire corporate lifetime developing between the company and its users. 

On the other hand, cryptographers and other high-security scientists are working with new technologies like blockchain to create new layers of security that de-centralize our personal information from such a security breach. Companies need to back up their data, but the entire way in which businesses store their data seems to be in transition. The most significant and most recent recommendations have been to have a safe and secure impenetrable security system built around our networks and know what is being communicated at any one time within the circumscribed network authority. Securing data is easier said than done since much of the hacking comes into minor breaches usually through an unaware employee downloading some small document onto their system which unleashes a virus into the entire system.

Be On High-Security Alert

It seems that a possible cure for data breaches, hacking, and outages beyond control is the latest development of blockchain technology. It is being used by many financial institutions to decentralize its databases of information and make the data more secure. The way blockchain is used is by using highly-secured cryptography to secure each unrepeatable transaction that is again related to all the others. It is a unique record-keeping developed for the financial markets but is now being transferred to medical records and all other transactions using personal information. Some Wall Street “gurus” are even recommending the latest chip technology that uses blockchain technology. It can store your data privately but also on a decentralized network.

Moving Forward with Security

We see how easily personal information can be used by others to benefit themselves by bringing havoc to the individual. There has never been an age where so many people’s identity has been put in harm’s way by hackers and the like. There are now companies that have a group of lawyers who work to keep your personal information safe from being stolen or used. Recently, one of the significant credit companies was hacked and millions of people’s personal information were put at risk by one data breach. 

These breaches happen more often than our media can report; it is a critical moment for many companies. At present, the development of secure methods of safeguarding personal data has given corporations, financial institutes, and medical record companies the greatest hope for protecting all information that is critical and personal. 

It would seem that information that is decentralized would put things out of reach of the owner. However, in the blockchain, it puts it out of reach of everyone but the blockchain and those who safeguard the anonymity of the system itself.

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