How to Make a Product Demo Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

by Jones David

A product demonstration video can do wonders for your company in terms of sales figures that you have never thought of. It shows how the product is used, how it works, and many other aspects. Product demonstration videos are an excellent way to communicate with audiences and convince them to opt for the product even when you do not know them. Therefore, if you wonder whether investing in product demonstration video is a significant investment or not, look at some of the aspects here.

Builds Interests

According to a survey, more than 70% of the viewers prefer to purchase a product after watching a demonstration video. It indicates how essential it has become for companies to consider product demonstration videos. Most importantly, it attracts audiences who turn out to be potential customers for the business. As a result, the sales figure automatically increases with more leads. Additionally, it also has a higher return on investments. To shoot a proper demo product video, the DemoCreator Screen Recorder can help you.

Introducing New Products 

Companies know that their customers have become quite particular when it comes to purchasing a product. They will not opt for any product that does not look convincing. But if the product comes with a video explainer, there is a better chance more people will opt for it. More than 70% of the customers believe that video explains a product more efficiently. Concerning that, if you would like to know about a multi-talented application, Wondershare DemoCreator would be a preferred choice. This DemoCreator computer screen recorder records video that can help you gain more leads for your company. Now let’s know about the software in detail.

Wondershare DemoCreator: A Versatile Screen Recorder

DemoCreator software is an all-in-one video editing and screen recording tool, commonly used to record a video. While recording a product demonstration video, this software would be apt. From the time a versatile application is launched, it has created a buzz among the enthusiasts. It’s because of the exclusive features of eminent software. From installing to screen recording, editing, everything can be done on the single software.

How to Start Screen Recording for Product Demonstration Video?

Recording product demonstration videos is easy, and if you do one, you will continue doing for the rest. With that, your company will have a chance to perform better, eventually increasing sales. Therefore, let’s concentrate on the process of using a superb tool to record videos.

  1. Installation

For using the excellent tool, first, complete the downloading process. The downloading process is more or less the same, like any other application. Go to the Wondershare DemoCreator website and click on the download process. Soon after that, you will be directed to a .exe file that you need to run in your system. It is simple, and in a few minutes, you will see that the process is done.

  1. Start Screen Recording

With a marvelous tool, both partial and full-screen recording can be done. Connect the audio and video devices and check if it’s working properly. Otherwise, if you wish to consider the screen’s size, you have the freedom to do so. Once it’s done, now click on the “START” button, and on the countdown of 3, the recording starts. There is nothing more than that, and by just installing and clicking on the start button, you can start the video recording process. In just one click, the entire recording process is completed.

  1. Edit the Videos

After you complete the recording process, the next step is editing it. Editing is done to increase its brightness, trim some parts, add specifications if required, and many other things. It makes the video look more engaging, which will help to gain more leads for your business.

  1. Export

Lastly, before saving, click on the play button to check if anything needs to be changed or the video looks proper. If so, you can save the video and click on the “Export” button. While exporting, click on the file format in which you wish to save the file, and it’s done. By doing the four steps, you can complete the entire product demonstration video.

Final Thoughts!

Wondershare DemoCreator is not only a recorder but also a video editor. It is a leading platform and is used by various companies across the world. The software’s simplicity has made aspirants make innovative videos and upload them on various social media channels or the company’s website. With the newest update, it helps users to create more convincing videos that will help to bring more customers on board. If you haven’t tried this software yet, you should definitely try it without fail.

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